Jabra BT2080 Reality Review

I had an opportunity to check out the Jabra BT2080 [$39.95 - iMore Store link] and not only is this headset reasonably priced, but has some nice functionality too! You can check it out in the in the . Now, let's check out why makes this headset nice!

Bluetooth headsets are a dime a dozen these days; the market is literally flooded with them. So, when given the chance to look at the Jabra BT2080, I reluctantly gave it a go. I mean, a headset is a headset right? Well, for the most part yes, but there are some things that separate this headset from the rest of the crowd. For starters, it has a dedicated On/Off button. Most headsets don't have this feature. Instead they rely on the user holding down the talk button for 5 or more seconds. On the BT2080, you hold the power button for 2 seconds (you don't want to accidentally turn it off after all). Next you have your standard volume controls. The volume can be controlled from the headset or the iPhone. I mention this because iPhone software 3.0 and later has rather sketchy bluetooth support and I have found some features in headsets to not work. Rest assured, everything on this headset works with the iPhone. To answer a call and end a call you can press the call button on the outside of the headset. Want to dial the last number? Double click the call button.

How do you tell if the headset is connected to a device to if the power is running low? On most headsets you have a single light that blinks or changes colors to indicate all of this information. On the BT2080, you have two dedicated lights; one for bluetooth (connected) and one for power. To turn the lights on, click the call button once quickly and they light up. Very convenient.

Ear bud

So, lastly let's discuss how the headset fits and how comfortable it is and how it sounds. The good news? Well, there is no bad news! That is right, the headset is lite and gives a few fitting options; it comes with three different sizes of ear-gel inserts and two sizes of ear loops. In my opinion, once you find the ear gel that works for you, it stays in place thus eliminating the need to use the loop. Since the headset is lite, it is comfortable to wear over time. When it comes to call clarity, it sounded good, especially with the ear gel as it did not let any external sound in. As for background noise such as the window down while driving, I did not run into any real issues; people on the other line could hear me. Oh, and one more thing, there was also a good range for the headset to be away from your body without static interfering.

So, I liked this headset and was presently surprised. It is lite, has some nice functions, sounds good and is very reasonably priced. It works for me!


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