Complete dictionary of iPhone and iPad jailbreak terminology from Absinthe to Zephyr

New to jailbreak and running across a bunch of strange looking terms and not exactly sure what they mean? Jailbreak is a unique culture among iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users that combines a lot of technical terms, like Unix commands and utilities, on one hand, and modern hacker jargon on the other. And because jailbreak lets you add a whole new world of functionality to your iPhone, iPod touch also means you'll be adding a bunch of new words to go along with it.

Enter this complete guide to jailbreak terms. It's a glossary, or dictionary if your prefer, of all the most common words you're likely to hear when looking to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, or once you've jailboken and are looking for hacks, apps, themes, utilities, tweaks, and all the other goodies that come with it. We've already posted our general iPad and iPhone glossary, as well as our SMS/iMessage slang glossary, and social networking slang glossary. This one is just for jailbreakers.

So, whether you're brand new to jailbreak or a veteran who's been jailbreaking and unlocking since the very first iPhone back in 2007, the scene moves so quickly, new code is pushed out so continuously, that's there always something new to learn or pick up. And, frankly, keeping up with it can sometimes be overwhelming. That's why we're putting the bulk of the jailbreak glossary, namely the entries themselves, on the Jailbreak Forum. That's what makes them a living, breathing document that everyone can help add to, correct, and update as time goes on. Because it's your jailbreak dictionary, and we're just getting it started for you.

If you're about to jailbreak for the first time, or you're looking for help troubleshooting common jailbreak issues, go give the jailbreak glossary a read first. It's a great place to start. If you've been jailbreaking since literally day one, go give it a read and tell us what else needs to be included. We want the best resources possible.

Dive right in via the link below, and if you think we missed anything, let us know asap!