JailbreakCon 2014 day one

Today was the official first day of JailbreakCon 2014 and I was there live checking in with developers and talking all things jailbreak. If you aren't able to make it to WWJC this year, keep your browser locked and loaded to iMore for complete coverage of the event. Here's your recap of day one!

The day started with some casual networking where I met up with Craig Fox, better known as @flawlessfox, who is responsible for putting together this amazing event each and every year. So for that, thanks Craig! After everyone was all signed in and ready to go, everyone headed into the main conference room.

JailbreakCon officially kicked off with three morning sessions to choose from. Development for beginners, led by Saurik, creator of Cydia, was available to help anyone with little to no coding experience. This was the place to be if you wanted to start learning the basics of creating great jailbreak apps. The discussion covered not only the basics of Objective-C but some background on how the language came to be. Saurik then walked new developers through common topics such as text editors and compiling to information on using git, and Theos. And in case you're wondering what text editor Saurik prefers, it's vim!

For more casual users who aren't focused on creating jailbreak apps, there was Troubleshooting Cydia and jailbreaks. Ever experience random safe mode boots, springboard crashes, or other oddities on your jailbroken devices? That's exactly who this workshop was aimed at. Headed by @brittagus, we talked about the basics of jailbreaking, why unlocking is important and more. Britta also walked through how to use the JailbreakQA site and Jailbreak reddit, both excellent resources for troubleshooting issues and finding answers to commonly known problems. One of the hottest topics among new jailbreakers was also discussed, battery life issues. These are all the kinds of things that the Troubleshooting Cydia and jailbreaks session covered.

For those more savvy with Objective-C and jailbreak development, @rpetrich, creator of Activator, headed up a roundtable discussion where jailbreak developers could ask for help and share ideas. This session served as a great place for developers to get help, support, and feedback from fellow developers. Many of them even shared projects they are currently working on.

After morning sessions we broke for lunch which again was a chance for even more networking. After that, mini talks and more sessions took place. For the afternoon sessions the focus switched to theming, intermediate and advanced development techniques, and a special session for anyone interested in helping update Wiki articles about jailbreak to be more accurate and relevant.

After the talks were over and the sessions wrapped up, the conference center was open to attendees late into the evening in order to work on projects and network more. And that brings us to the close of day 1 of JailbreakCon 2014! Stay tuned for day 2 coverage which includes talks by some of the most influential names in jailbreak including Ryan Petrich, Saurik, Filippo Bigarella, pod2g, and many more!