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There are a lot of milestones on the way to success. Some of them you treasure, like that first big contract. Then there are moments they call "growing pains" for a reason, like the day you realize you're spending more time updating and managing your company's devices than actually growing your company.

For many businesses, that's the time they start throwing money at an IT department just to save time. But for small- to medium-sized businesses, there might be a better way. Jamf Now is an intuitive platform that's designed to let managers update, configure and secure all their company's Apple devices from one central interface – all within moments, and all of it securely.

The beautiful part about all of this is that managers don't need an ounce of IT training. Jamf Now is dedicated solely to Apple products, and that means their software can stay in sync with all the latest updates and make sure your company's devices have them, too.

The setup is simple: Managers can go in and set up blueprints that dictate what apps their company devices should run, what kind of WiFi they should connect to, email configurations and a range of other settings. From there, they can not only activate those settings company-wide, but get a birds-eye view of where they are and what needs attention. Updates can be automated and new apps can be launched – all remotely and without fuss.

One particularly time-saving feature is that you can even pre-assign these settings to new devices. As soon as new employees power up, they're ready to go and in sync with their workmates, saving loads of time.

All this runs through a clean interface that gives managers up-to-date inventory info at a glance, and complete control of security. Lost or compromised devices can be locked down instantly, and security settings can be changed remotely on the fly, all from your central hub.

The best part about all this? It's painless to get started. Hop into a Jamf Now account with the ability to manage three devices – all for free.