The Galaxy S8 launched to immediate praise and fanfare, which left some Apple users torn between their iPhone and the potential power the Galaxy S8 possesses.

As the weeks roll by, some iPhone users have started questioning whether it's worth it or not to switch over to a Galaxy S8 – or at least consider it in place of a future iPhone.


Just curious if anyone is getting an S8 for a second phone of dropping their iPhone completely. IMO, the phone looks amazing but but besides that nothing is exciting me. After using android for so many year I kind of know what to expect later down the road with slowdowns, etc.


Some are quick to say no…


No: Slow if ever updates Low resale Poor customer service Touchwiz ok when new soon becomes a lag fest Oversaturated screen/colours Curved Screen Ugly back with case


While some are seriously considering it for one reason or another…


I promised myself that I would stop bouncing back and forth between android and iOS. The Note phones have always pulled me in, but then I come back to the iPhone. After switching from the Note 7 and being very happy with my 7 Plus, I said that would be it. No reason to switch again only to come back. Now I see the S8 & S8+....they look and feel a lot like the Note 7 that I loved. The...


But what do you think?

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