Join the discussion: Have you been burned by a glitter case?

In the last couple of weeks, there have been plenty of reported incidences of people getting burned by a glitter case: if you don't know what a glitter case is, it's an iPhone case filled with a liquid solution that's typically mixed with colored glitter, rhinestones, beads, etc.

While these cases are beautiful to look at and make good accessories for your iPhone, people have started reporting that the unknown liquid used in the cases has started to leak and cause pretty severe, graphic chemical burns on people's bare skin.

Companies have started making recalls, but we have to ask: have you been affected at all?

There's been quite a bit of speculation and news going around about glittery iPhone cases (the ones filled with colorful liquid and bits of shimmery goodness) causing some pretty nasty-looking chemical burns on people... - Liquid-filled iPhone cases recalled after reports of chemical burns (CNN) -Glitter iPhone cases recalled over chemical burn risk (USA Today) - Glitter iPhone Case...

Cella Lao Rousseau

What exactly is this liquid they're using to suspend the glitter in? Does anyone know?


This is crazy! Reminds me of the stuff they put in ice packs. A buddy of mine had to be rushed to the hospital a few years back when he fell asleep with an ice pack and it burst open. Luckily my wife and I wouldn’t be caught dead using a glittery phone case.

Rob Phillips

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