Join the discussion: #HELP! I have a horrible addiction to buying iPhone cases

When you get a new iPhone or a brand new, shiny MacBook, it's not hard to peep which different, beautiful cases are available for the latest model.

It's also not hard to start hoarding Apple Watch bands and silicone cases as your addiction grows, which raises the question: Are you addicted to collecting a specific accessory for a particular Apple product?

We're chatting in the iMore forums to see who loves collecting what – and why!

We should have a case therapy group. I just purchased a Michael Kors folio case and that makes 10 cases for my iphone 7+. I have to stop this madness. LOL. I change cases like I change shoes and boots. I am also lucky my script hasn't changed because I have a great collection of glasses too. I am putting a halt on this. Do you have a case addiction too?


But what do you think?

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Cella Lao Rousseau

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