People who are diehard Apple fans were probably just offended reading the title of this post, but is there an actual reason why you haven't switched to Android?

I mean, Android is only coming out with better and better phones, so it would be silly to say that the quality isn't the same or that the features are horrible… So what gives?

Mick Symons

What keeps you tethered to Apple? Have you thought about switching to Android, but just can't take the plunge? Maybe you have a full Apple ecosystem and switching to Android would ruin your flow? Maybe Android's intimidating? I've switched back and forth over the years, and even though iPhone is fun, something always keeps me going back to Android (and my first smartphone was the iPhone...


Some people claim they did switch but realized that they would forever be in an iPhone mentality


I have owned 4 Android devices. When using my last one, the Moto X, I realized I kept trying to make my Android device perform and look like an iPhone. I didn't use widgets or any of the extra things built into Android. I grew tired and bored of customizing my devices. I just want my device to work out of the box. In addition fragmentation, disjointed UI, finiky battery life, and lower quality...


While others say that their heart will always be with the iPhone, regardless of how fancy Android devices get:


I've tried others, but I always seem to come back to iPhone. Sure Android gives you more freedom to customize this and that, root and tinker with things. After a while I got tired of all that. I just want my phone and apps to do what they're supposed to do. Add in that iPhone plays nicer with my Mac, as the saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it."


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