Day One Concealed JournalSource: Bloom Built

What you need to know

  • Day One has gained support for new Concealed Journals.
  • Concealed Journals mean content won't be visible unless you press an icon on-screen.

Popular journaling app Day One has been updated to include support for new Concealed Journals. A feature that can be enabled on a journal by journal basis, Concealed Journals allow users to ensure their content can't be seen by anyone — even when the app is open and unlocked.

Announced via a blog post, Concealed Journals hide text and images on-screen so that people can't see them over your shoulder. The Day One team says it could be particularly useful on public transport or in a coffee shop, for example.

We realized there was still one step further we could go, which is why we're excited to announce the new Concealed Journals feature. If you've ever wanted to journal on public transportation, an airplane, or in a coffee shop, you know that wandering eyes can catch a glimpse of what's on your device. To prevent this, we added the ability, on a journal by journal basis, to conceal content. It's easy to conceal and unconceal content by simply tapping the eye icon.

The Concealed Journals feature is available in the latest version of Day One for iPhone, iPad, and Mac that are now available in the App Store. There's also an entire help document explaining how Concealed Journals work.

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Day One has long been the best iPhone app for jotting down whatever's happening in your head and privacy features like the new Concealed Journals are just one reason why people love it so much. The company was recently bought by Automattic, although it isn't thought that will impact Day One as an app and service in the short term.

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