The tech industry as a whole can be very overwhelming, as can the education needed to understand it all. Where do you start? You need to learn programming languages, you need to learn design, and you need to know how to apply it in a real-world scenario.

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The experts at Loonycorn have compiled a computer science bundle that lays everything out on a neat platter for you to ingest at your own pace. Course availability stays open forever, so you won't be overwhelmed with trying to take all courses at once. This is a fantastic way to learn everything you need to know when it comes to coding and design. Sounds expensive, doesn't it?

iMore Digital Offers is offering this bundle with over 78 hours of content and 442 lessons for only $39; that's a 97% discount from the regular price of $1,462. Upon completion of this course, you're going to have the know-how needed to succeed in the tech industry, whether you're using C, C++, Java, Python, or SQL.

The 8-course bundle for only $39 includes:

  • Break Away: Programming And Coding Interviews
  • Software Testing Omnibus: Sikuli, Selenium, JUnit and Principles of Testing
  • The Fintech Omnibus: Theory and Practice in Python, R and Excel
  • The Big Data Omnibus: Hadoop, Spark, Storm and QlikView
  • The Web Development Omnibus: jQuery, AngularJS and ReactJS
  • Machine Learning and TensorFlow on the Google Cloud
  • Time Capsule: Trends in Tech, Product Strategy
  • GCP: Complete Google Data Engineer and Cloud Architect Guide

On top of learning programming languages, you're also going to become a master of data structure and algorithms, database management, and physical computing using Raspberry Pi. Finally, you'll be given a behind-the-scenes look at how top tech companies like Facebook and Twitter became so successful — this is the information needed to help your own business succeed in the long run.

Have you always been interested in computer science but didn't know how to get started? This is your chance for an affordable, easy to digest education that you can do at your own pace! This booming industry isn't going anywhere soon, and with this $39 bundle of courses you'll be set for anything that gets thrown your way. Hurry — this offer won't last long.

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