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Community spotlight: Thinking about leaving the iPhone for the Galaxy S4?

Given how many great phones are coming out these days, it's not wonder one of the hottest topics on the iMore forums is iOS vs. Android, or more specifically, the iPhone vs. the latest and greatest Android phones. Every so often community members start to wonder out loud about jumping ship and trying their hands at Google's mobile platform.  Being someone who enjoys new technology myself, I can understand the curiousity, and, of course, the feeling that the grass always greener on the other side. One particularly interesting discussion this week comes from the thread leaving iOS for Android and more specifically, the Samsung Galaxy S4.

offdaglass started us off asking if, given the Galaxy S4's specs, an iPhone 5s-style update would be enough to keep us on the Apple path this year:

With the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 and the leaked specs coming out, will this be enough for you to want upgrade to the 5S? Or do you believe the S series will be outdated when it finally does arrive as compared to the software and hardware being offered by Samsung?

jclisenby says it's not about specs or the latest and the greatest, but about the overall experience:

For most smartphone users it's not about which phone has the latest specs or newest OS. It's about what platform gives you the experience. Apple has consistently delivered the best experience for a smartphone, even more so with each subsequent device release. Sure, the new Sammy may have a quad core processor or 12 MP camera, but that doesn't mean it'll outperform the new iPhone. Apple builds their devices for what the OS needs to perform at top speed. Their phones don't need quad core to support the OS. Android phones are getting dual and quad cores and still having lag issues. In the end, it's all about choosing which experience and ecosystem you want. My choice is Apple and will remain that way unless there is a better option. It's not Android, WP, and definitely not BlackBerry 10.

MasterofPuppets agrees, adding great hardware needs great software to make it shine:

Doesn't matter how good the hardware is if the OS lags. Hardware specs mean nothing. It's all about useability. iOS runs like butter, Android lags (it's better with Jellybean, but still not as fluid). I had an HTC One XL, and although the hardware was awesome, Jelly Bean still lagged even though I had it running a custom rom and kernel.... and it was overclocked. I am sticking with Apple.

cardfan has a different perspective, worrying about the bigger screen gap:

It's absolutely unbelievable [Apple doesn't] have a bigger screened branded iPhone launching this year. Sure, it could come next year but that's an awful long time to concede that space to the competition. A retina plus 4.8" iPhone could make the HTC One or Galaxy S 4 look silly. It would only be a band-aid for what is really hurting Apple but it would be a well placed one that could help give them time or at least right the marketing ship.

jvernwald is concerned about battery life and build quality

I find myself becoming bored with my phone within a few months so, I'm constantly bartering and swapping to find my next device. I must say that I have never really been impressed with Samsung phones. I've owned the Galaxy S 2, Note and Galaxy S 3 just to name a few of the many. My largest complaint with all of these devices (and possibly just Android in general) is battery life... I've not owned the iPhone 5 but would like to. I read the posts on here about battery life and wonder if I'll actually see a difference. When it comes to gizmos and gadgets I would have to say that Samsung is really trying to stay ahead of Apple with limited success. Apple and the iPhone are known for their quality of build.  Sadly, the same can't be said about the plastic, cheap feel of Samsung phones. Who knows, maybe I'll hold the Galaxy S 4 in my hand and decide it's the perfect device for me! Or maybe not.

Personally, I just love new devices and I'm always trying them out, regardless of OS or manufacturer. There are a lot of factors to consider, however. If you live in the Apple ecosystem with your Mac computer, iPad and iPhone, and you're used to using iTunes to manage your media, iMessage to avoid SMS fees with international friends, and you've spent a lot of money on apps and games, Apple has you right where they want you.

On the other hand, if you are not heavily invested in Apple products, you can switch around far more easily. Take it from me, if you are considering the switch to a device such as the Samsung Galaxy S4, stop and consider all the pros and cons, and if there are no deal breakers, then by all means give the Galaxy S 4 a chance. It looks to be a powerhouse of a device. If you do have concerns, though, jump into the iMore forums and get into the discussion. We'll help you make the best, most informed descision possible!

  • Typo in the first sentence … should be "no wonder" instead of "not wonder."
  • I am hoping to win the iPhone contest, but if I don't I'll stick with my iPhone 4 and choose between the iPhone 5S/6 or the mysterious Google X phone. The only reason I dumped my iPhone 4 for the Razr Maxx was because of battery life and widgets (don't care about widgets now because I jailbroke my phone this time). Battery life on Razr Maxx is amazing only cause of the SIZE not the efficiency. The reason why Android phones NEED RAM (not so much cpu) is due to Android OS being INFERIOR. It's inferior for two reason, battery efficiency and application management. Android apps aren't applications, but SERVICES. These services will constantly open themselves eating up ram and slowing your phone down. Then you are left with Task Managers to constantly kill processes either manually or automatically which uses battery because process will re-open themselves. Seeder (root app) only helps so much. There is another app (root: don't know name) allows you to fully customize each service to open and close the way you want; however, you need to know what you are doing because it could really mess up your phone. This process is even more complicated because OEMs add and subtract from the OG OS and put their own spin on it with their own services. While the Android Root Community is strong, it's greatly dwarfed by non-root users. You shouldn't need to ROOT in order to FIX the major FLAWS of your OS system, at least not this late into your OS (android is going on 5 to 6 years now). It's been said that Google X phone will do things completely different. If they fix their "services" issue, they could be a great competitor for iPhone 5S/6. I dropped my Razr Maxx for my iPhone 4 because I was sick of my phone slowing to shit every 5-10 minute to require a Task Kill because 80-90% of my ram was being used. Disheartening.
  • I tried not to respond to this, but I felt like I had to. I think you might be a bit mixed up with what a service is vs what an app is. An app (not on iOS as they're prevented from this) can have services. A service is not an app, and does not have a GUI. If I set DropBox to backup my photos automatically from my Android, the DropBox APP configures it's SERVICE to run whenever I take a photo. I haven't had a battery issue with my Evo3D, leaving both Bluetooth and WiFi on all day even though I'm not in WiFi most of the day, haven't had an issue. I haven't used a Task Manager since 1.6, and haven't had an issue. Task Killers usually kill more than they have to, so I don't like them. iOS doesn't have multitasking in the strictest sense, as your multiple tasks aren't processed at once, their states are just saved. The exception to this rule are *some* apps that download/upload, and apps like Pandora, as they stream music when in the background, using a, wait for it, SERVICE. Yes, iOS allows some limited apps to have SERVICES, as they are easier on the battery than keeping the whole APP running. I don't need to root to fix flaws, I root because I can. I JAILBREAK to fix flaws. I want my toggles on my Notification Center, I want my Siri to sound Australian, and I want my own choice of Browser to be the DEFAULT. Why do I have to JAILBREAK to make MY phone work how I want it to? I see this as fixing MAJOR flaws of the OS for MY use, but not my gf's as she doesn't need to tweak it like I do. Ultimately, to each their own. I use both, I'd use a non-rooted Android, but wouldn't use an non-jailbroken iPhone. You may, it is all about CHOICE. But taking your misconceptions about how it works, and applying that to ALL Android devices isn't good. tldr; Do you think that people would use Android if what you said was a fact, not just your experience?
  • When I said flaws, I meant at it's core. I'm fully away how stupid an iPhone is without notification toggles or a few other tweaks. While I may be wrong when saying service or app, I know I am not wrong in how they operate. I've gotten my hands on my Android phones. There is no reason for apps to open themselves without the user making the choice. Why do I turn on my phone and see Angry birds in the task manager along with other games and programs that I haven't even touched? Why does my phone go from 50% to about 90% and start slowing down after about 15-20 min of use? Sure I can kill it. But the longer my phone stays on the faster it goes to a high % of ram usage causing it to slow down to hell. Point is, whether it's a service or an app. They should not be called upon (except maybe a few exceptions I suppose) unless the user calls on them him/herself. Honestly, if they fixed this issue, I would seriously consider switching. Some apps can call other apps yes, but there should be a control that the user can use to limit this. And yes, this issue plagues ALL ANDROID phones. Some more than others due to OEM crap on the phone.
  • I have my android right here and I see no apps in my task manager the I haven't opened. It's been on, consistently for DAYS, not sure when my last reboot was, but it's running fine. I have Kik, GVoice, a few system things, SwiftKey, and Tasker running. I've noticed no slowdown. My G1 didn't have this issue, nor did my Evo 4g, Epic 4g, nor my current Evo 3D. I'd also ask how you know your iPhone isn't doing the same thing? Have you sshed in and ran top to see what your iPhone is up to? Have you verified this extensively? I ask again, do you think people would use an Android device if this issue was on ALL Androids? edit: I'm not trying to talk bad about iOS here, I'm just going for clarity. Use what works for you. I just don't want a misconception about how Android apparently "works for everyone" to be taken as fact. It doesn't make sense to me that people would get other phones that "slow down after 15 minutes" or "have 43752094902475 rogue processes".
  • Well I've used a G1, G2, G3, EVO 4G, Droid Razr Maxx, Droid X, and at least 10 others (most I've tested, but I've owned a G1, 2 AND 3) and they all have this problem. And while I haven't sshed it, I experience no lag on device with now inferior specs such as ram and cpu. I have literally seen my ram CLIMB with apps opening themselves and being forced to task kill just so it wouldn't slow to the point where I think it is frozen. That being said, I've yet to own a pure google device, so perhaps that might be different; however, I've opened TONS of apps on my iPhone and it has not ONCE slowed down or frozen, the same cannot be said about every singe Android Phone I've used or owned. Again, even on the phones you claim to have, I have used them and have been FORCED to task kill just so I could scroll home screen pages without it seeming to move at 5fps. my 2 cents
  • G1 as in HTC G1 not Galaxy S1, there isn't a G3 at the moment. Some free apps do start up to get ads, as yes, Android doesn't have something like iAds, so they do use more battery when getting ads. That being said, I haven't seen any rogue processes that I couldn't explain, on any of my devices. As you said you rooted, are you using a stock rom? Or did you flash one that may be buggy? I'm not sure if you read what I said before but it was at least implied that iOS wouldn't slow down as it doesn't really, strictly, multi-task. Quoted below:
    "iOS doesn't have multitasking in the strictest sense, as your multiple tasks aren't processed at once, their states are just saved. The exception to this rule are *some* apps that download/upload, and apps like Pandora, as they stream music when in the background, using a, wait for it, SERVICE." I would like an answer though, and an honest one:
    Do you think so many people would buy an Android device if your issues were the case for everyone?
  • Ah. By G1 I meant samsung galaxy series. I've never flashed cause I find it scary I might mess it up. The only thing I do with my rooting is block adds. I'm charging up my razr maxx to provide screenshots. As for your question, no, I don't. While I believe it plagues A LOT of people, a lot of people fight it by using task managers to automatically purge at timed intervals.
  • "As for your question, no, I don't. While I believe it plagues A LOT of people, a lot of people fight it by using task managers to automatically purge at timed intervals." At least we found some common ground, as muddy as it seems to have been made. I'll just end this with, I don't have any issues like you've said and have never run a Task Killer after Android 1.6. My dad's Nexus hasn't had this issue, nor have my brother's Droid's, nor my friend's Evo LTE, Evo 3D, nor the SkyRocket (all unrooted). I removed Task Killers from their devices, and they said they're faster and get better battery life. My two cents, ending here though.
  • I will admit I am some what bias but I feel when it come to the iOS vs Android debate I think what proves to me Apple is the winner is the fact they make "1" phone and own a large majority of the cellular market. Where Android has dozens of phones running there platform and they are still continually fighting to be superior.
  • Samsung has done anything that's worth me switching. In happy with my iPhone 5. I just want the service to work better (Siri, iCloud, Mail, to name a few)
  • Nope. iPhone all the way.
  • No price. No battery stats. Absolutely. Sign me up!
  • I have an iphone 5 but I'm thinking of switching, not to the s4 tho, to the htc one, for the camera mainly.
  • Features all good and flashy and what not, but who cares when you can't use your device for 3 hours without having to charge or change the battery. Yes, iOS has some things to clean up, but Android has more IMO. Namely the need to be able to fully close apps and have them stay closed so they don't drain your battery all day.
  • Really? You should turn on a task manager and see your apps opening yourself. The only non-root method you have is to put them on your sd-card. It's fun right..turning your phone on and for some reason see Angry Birds, Messaging. Maps..and more just turning themselves on and using up your ram and battery.
  • That's what I was saying needed to be fixed.
  • Wow. I must have really skimmed your post. My apologies. Ahaha; I feel bad. :(
  • Again, fixing what seems to be a misconception, do you have normal settings on? Have you installed cracked apps (there are viruses in those as there can be in iOS cracked apps too)? Do you run a task manager? Again, why would so many people use something that only gets 3 hours on a charge?
  • Good question. My iPhone battery sucks compared to Razr Maxx..for obvious reasons, but its no where NEAR that bad. I sure as hell hope 3 hours is an exaggeration. The only thing I can see causing this is, location services constantly, shitty cell strength area making your phone fight for cell bars, and your running at like 100% brightness with bluetooth.. That shit can kill your battery wicked fast.
  • Yeah, 3 hours is an exaggeration, but you don't get much battery life from an android. And even the maxx will die after about 6-7 hours when using it a lot. I have a coworker with one and he's always having to charge it. But I like my iPhone 5, it serves me better than any phone since my Blackberry days.
  • Mmm.. yea yea. If I used my iPhone as much as my MAXX, I'd charge it 2-3x the amount. iPhone is extremely battery efficient; however, it's running a 1440 mAH battery while MAXX is 3300. If the iPhone had a 3300 battery...OMFG.. #drool
  • As long as there is IOS I won't personally be leaving this platform for any other anytime soon.
  • Ill probably like new Samsung, but because of this light look cheap plastic all around, just won't take it, also until no IOS appears on samsung celphones it wont get success, as android sucks of hea lags.
  • I thought about leaving for the HTC One. I was pretty close to making the jump but my headphones broke. How does this relate? It's the genius service, if my One malfunctions who do I see since it'll be unlocked. Do I send it off to HTC and wait for forever? The simplicity integration and ease of use will keep me with apple for the foreseeable future
  • I've never had this horrible lag on Android I always see people complain about. My iPhone 4 is much slower than my One XL was but like mentioned by many iOS keeps me happy.
  • My iPhone 5 lags more than my s3 did. It constantly freezes momentarily when I use it idk why I've had more issues on the 5 than I did with my iPhone 4. For just working like people say, IOS is far from it. I most likely won't be switching anytime soon because I don't wanna lose unlimited data, but hopefully the 5s/6 is a little better and not just a stretched iPhone 4
  • The key with iphone5 is that I just need to remember to close out apps that I don't want running in the background, otherwise I can expect a few lags here and there... But wait - I needed to do the same for Android!!
    Though I loved my S3, the lags were sometime unbearable. Most of the time it would function perfectly but every 1/10 time or so it would start lagging. The worst one? When I wanted to call someone quickly and opening the dialer would take close to half a minute or more after you had tapped the dialer icon!! And when my exchange emails would suddenly vanish and the phone would start downloading them again from the last few days... (Note: though I experienced the latter continuously every once a week or two, my cousin who is still using his S3 didn't encounter any such issues... So no idea why the S3 singled me out for these ;)
  • It makes me laugh when I read about Samsung's cheap plastic feel verses iPhone's sexy aluminum. Just about everyone I know has a case on their phones making them all feel the same LOL.
  • I feel the same way just about. I remember thinking when the iphone 4 launched, "wow, this is uncomfortable compared to the iphone 3GS in the hand." Overtime, I accepted the all glass and came to admire how well it held up to not scratching a lot. The iphone 3G had tiny cracks in the plastic around the mute switch. Even with the ipad mini, i'm thinking it needs some grip on it..something. So i get a Speck Grip case for it. To me, the problem isn't that. I don't care if it's a new design. I stare at the screen. How good is that screen? I use the OS, how good is that OS? And Samsung basically took android and put a plastic case on it in the form of their own services and bloatware. It's android with an otterbox case on it that you can't take off. It's not android anymore. It's franken-android.
  • This!
  • As a user that switched over from Galaxy S3 to iPhone 5 (and one who is hoping to get an iPhone or Windows Phone to replace my wife's ageing android phone as well), I'd prefer iPhone 5/6 over Galaxy S4... Don't get me wrong, I loved my S3 and I love Android but overall iPhone and windows phone proved far more of a stable experience among other things.
    Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses - I have various issues I have with the iPhone as well as the windows phone platform... But right now I'll stick to iPhone 5 and see how Galaxy S4 pans out...
    I'm sure each one will have its strengths and benefits... Guess we'll have to see!
  • I've experienced the exact same reasons to stay with iOS (and why I loved Windows Phone for a while). With iOS, of course, I get so many more apps that I want. But, I always had a much better experience on either platform than I did on Android (the "bugginess", crashing apps, etc.). The thing I noticed about is that Windows Phone and iOS both sought to make the smartphone/mobile experience the best it could be while Android sought to make a PC experience squeeze into a mobile device (this is why I like Android for a tablet, but not a smartphone).
  • Even with tablets I'm afraid it works well when you go for one of the pricey ones... My sister bought a $250 android tablet for her son and though it worked ok initially but lags and other performance and battery issues surfaced not long after.
    I have to admit though, I am certainly lovin' the Galaxy Note tablet that I tried out at a friends place the other day :)
  • Love Apple and I love my 4S. I wouldnt mind trying out an android phone just to see what the differences are though.
  • Nah I'm sticking with my iPhone 5. I honestly love it too much to leave it. That being said, doesn't mean I'm a fanboy. I am a fan, don't get me wrong, but I like other tech as well. The Galaxy S2 and S3 actually impressed me, but this Galaxy S4 just seems like a lazy upgrade. Plus the screen is too big. 4.3 on the GS2 was cool, the 4.8 inches on the GS# was perfect, but 5 inches is kind of pushing it. I agree with Apple that I like to use my phone with one hand, which I do all the time with comfort with the iPhone 5 screen. But I can still do one handed tasks on my friends GS3, and I hope Apple will move to a 4.8 inch screen in 2014 or eventually (please no 5 inches Apple). I have to admit that lag is a bother for me. Before my iPhone 4 and now 5, I had a Sony Xperia Mini Pro, and while I can say that it was an ok phone, I just didn't like the OS running it. It was slow and terribly laggy, and only had a limited amount of apps at the time. I like Android, but the app ecosystem is mehh. And plus, I'll get OCD and start customizing the crap out of it and still will feel like its not enough and will end up wasting hours just trying to customize it. With iOS, no need to customize all that much. Just pick it up right out of the box and go, what you see is what you get (and I like what I see). Thats what I always loved about Apple.
  • Personally I don't understand why anyone would stick around for iOS. It's bland boring and outdated. Upgraded to the S3 this past fall from a 4S and never looked back or thought of going back. It was the best decision I've made in terms of buying phones. Tons more features, a lot better battery life, better UI, can customize it to my liking, and more. And I'm sure the S4 will be better. And to all of you complaining about the plastic, I'm pretty sure you'll put a case on it anyway. I don't know who wouldn't unless they're fine with dropping and possibly breaking it or damaging it. But non the less there are far better phones out there than iPhones unless you're a fanboy/girl of course. Don't be surprised if people jump ship to the S4 as its light years better than the iPhone hardware, UI, and battery life wise.
  • Once the "oh shiny" moment (as my wife likes to call it) wears off. All you are left with is a device that you wish would act and function like your iPhone. No thanks, been down that road before, with the custom roms, endless tinkering, etc. etc. No thanks I will stay with what keeps me happy, quality phone, quality software, ease of use, and dependability.
  • If you start giving into the allure of the "next big thing" running android in terms if specs, you're doomed. You better have a bottomless wallet or you'll forever be experiencing buyers remorse. A quad or octo processor in your phone? Impressive... On paper. Was android OS designed to operate across these cores? Hmm. So why put up with the agony of multiple releases of "flagship devices" a year when apple puts all their effort into one device. What's more, that device will be supported for years to come - it won't be a red headed step child in two months. For me, the entire ecosystem and the security in knowing my investment will stand a greater test of time is more than worth leaving/avoiding android devices.
  • What's this lag people are talking about on android? I have had the s3 and now the nexus 4 and I don't experience any lag at all. I feel the iPhone 5 is a bit snappier in some instances but the nexus 4 is just as fast.
    I like the iphone 5 and ios. But I like to have the ability to tinker and have custom roms. Hope apple actually does something innovative next time.
  • The S4 isn't enough to make me switch. If I were to leave my iphone 5 it would have to be for the htc one but unfortunately that's not an option on Verizon yet anyway. It wouldn't be a total abandonment, more like a part time gig. I'd but full retail as swap SIMs. I'm more likely to pick up an HTC 8X though. I need a better email and office integration and the 8x is more suited for while I'm working and keep the iPhone for everything else.
  • There is nothing the S4 can offer me that my iPhone 5 can't do better. Except maybe give me a hand cramp as I try to use the phone with just one hand. Kidding aside Android has never been functional for me and the S4 is pushing a lot of features that are cool to demo but no one will use them day to day. Going nowhere and sticking with my iPhone.
  • The one thing that scares me about getting so tied into an ecosystem, which I am deep into the apple ecosystem, is that it may give apple or android or what ever ecosystem we are tied to a reason to get maybe a little lazy. I would be half way interested in at least exploring the z10 or S4 but I really don't want to leave apple. I am tied in with an iPad iphone macbook pro and all my media is tied in with itunes and everything syncs so well! I hope all these companies keep bringing their a-game!
  • Clickbait much?
  • For me, if the flagship android phones were more more fluid and butter-like, I would have gone with android a long time ago. The iPhones smoothness and hardware optimization won me over. While Samsung and Google talk specs, Apple is actually winning the speed battle with its fluidness and hardware optimization.
  • How can you talk about experience and fluidity with an OS and completely dismiss BB10?? O_o
  • Well only a few have tried BB10 so I guess he couldn't speak on something he knew nothing about.
  • At the end of the day, it really does come down to craftsmanship. The iPhone 4 and 4s were the pinnacle of success when it came to fine lines and sleek design. When the iPhone 5 hit market, it raised the bar that much higher. No other cell phone maker out there has even yet to come close to the iPhone 5, And quite frankly, I don't think they well.
    When you really want a Coca-Cola do you reach for a RC Cola?
    When you're hankering for some cookies do you grab Oreos or duplex?
    Go into an Apple store and just play with an iPhone 5. Then reach into your pocket and play with your piece of plastic that you call a cell phone. Craftsmanship and quality sell nowadays hands down.
  • Apple for life!!!!
  • I'll take iOS over Android any day after going to Android for the last few years.
  • It comes down to the OS which completes the smartphone experience. The hardware is only as good as what drives it. If the Galaxy was on iOS, the experience would change.
  • I will be leaving my iphone 5 behind. For one reason I run my business off my phone and ipad. I need one thing that apple can not give me. That's printing my invoices in the field. Apple will not let you to use bluetooth to print. That's why I am leaving for the Samsung S4. I am tired of a company that thinks they know what is best for me. If I am paiding the bill I should be the one that decides what can and can not be done.
  • Not yet. And not for s4. But considering it for a nexus or other google phone.
    Although I love the ecosystem, I want a bigger screen. Besides, my home screen is full of google apps.
  • I tried switching last year (One X, SGS III) ... I will never do the same mistake again. iPhone 5 is best in every way for me.
  • I'm sticking with My Apple iPhone 5 64GB :)
  • Sticking with Apple, I'm sure they have something under their sleeve. :D
  • ios is the most stable os than android. The app quality is far more superior in app store than in play store. iOS is smooth as butter.I don't need a giant power sucking cores in my cell phone, but what matters to the most is stable os, good app quality and recent updates.
  • I don't try to sway people to liking the things I like. I also can't say if iOS is better then Android, WP or BB10. But what I can say its what works for me (iOS). I own one device for each of the OS's (except BB10) cause I like technology. The one thing about iOS is that I have come accustomed to it. My take on Apple's philosophy is if something works you don't change it and if you add to it let it be functionality. The thing about android phones is that in order to compete you have to over do the competition. Wether that would be specs or features (gimmicks). Picking a phone is like buying anything else not everyone is going to agree and when you try to convince someone else on why your choice is better then theirs I feel like you are trying to justify your purchase. You buy with what you like simple as that.
  • S4 looks like a great device but personally I won't be jumping on the Samsung bandwagon just yet. i understand they push the envelope practically every time they show a new device but I still have faith that apple will somehow catch up. Just my opinion/choice.
  • I think that the S4 looks neat but I really like iOS even with its flaws. I think that I'll keep giving the company a chance to better its OS before finally deciding whether or not I will abandon the iPhone. There is still hope. [At least a speck of it.]
  • my 14 years old daughter iPhone 4 lags, apps crash and android phones do that too but with the new jelly bean, android is smooth like an iPhone. I have a note 2 and my wife got a gs3 and things that we've been doing with those phones really shows that apple have a long way to go, all the applications that I downloaded in my phone are integrated with the OS, I can download any MP3 and MP4 files on my phone, I can connect to any DLNA devices like PS3, any bluetooth and samsung use plastic because of the removal battery and SD card for that reason I prefer plastic than aluminium,
  • I have both an android personal phone (2 yr old GS2) and a work iPhone 5 so I'm used to both sides:
    I'll just come out and say that the GS4 does not impress me. Its not about the materials (I spend more time looking at my screen than caring if my phone has a plastic or metal trim), but about how long the phone will be supported and updated. I got my GS2 before I knew better, and am tires of being stuck on ICS almost a year after JB came out. To be fair, Apple also doesnt have the beat track record of giving older devices the latest iOS features as well. The ONLY Android phone I'll get if I stick with them is a Nexus phone, because it's the only Android phone to receive regular updates vs. the manufacturer abandoning them to get you to buy a newer product. I despise the idea of planned obsolescence.
  • Ohhh shiny, but i think ill stick with an apple device. Ive had android before and the os just doesn't seem as solid, almost unofficial, thats my opinion anyways
  • iOS is def good but the phone itself hasn't changed. Sometimes I feel it's the apps that keep the users not the hard/software. I would love the iPhone to have a hdmi port, removable battery to be able to swap out the weak battery it has ( ipone4) if they didn't have all the apps they would be in same boat as blackberry, Nokia, Htc, etc
  • Have tried numerous Android phones and always come back to the iPhone. No desire to move to the S4. Very happy with my 5. You here/read a lot about screen size needing to increased on the iPhone. For me, it's perfect. I had the S3 and felt it was too big. I hope that Apple keeps the screen size the same. These are "mobile" phones. Any bigger than the iPhone 5 is too big!
  • Will Iphone 5s have an 13 mp Camera and some Big Improvement?
  • I just dont get this, iphone people say android has lag problems and all sorts of issues, i have had 2 phones a htc legend brilliant, and a galaxy note 1 still have it i dont have any lag issues or any issues i need to go on a forum for. I have 2 next neighbours that both have iphone 3 and 4 and i often see them hiting there phones in frustration, i stoped her the other day and she says her iphone freezes and lags a lot and so does the other neighbours. So i decided to look in forums and low and behold lag and freezing issues on iphones as well! My galaxy note is comeing up for 2 years old soon and still no issues.
  • great article, see more details at
  • I left iPhone 5 for over a month with S4.... needless to say I'm back with iPhone 5. It's not about iPhone vs's always always an Android issue. Phone rocks... Android sucks.