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What you need to know

  • Games are hugely successful at monetizing Apple's App Store.
  • The top ten games reportedly rake in more than $13 million every day.
  • Fortnite is the cream of the crop with $2.75 million per day.

Apple's App Store can be a difficult place to make money for so many developers, but not if you're lucky enough to be behind one of its top ten games. According to new numbers provided by Finbold, those games bring in more than $13 million. Every. Single. Day.

That, according to the report, is mostly down to the way in-game videos and ads have proven to be a cash cow for developers willing to fill their games with them.

One aspect that has led to high grossing in mobile games is the growing popularity of free mobile games funded by in-game advertising. More developers are selling ad space to monetize their games. One aspect that has emerged is rewarding video ads, which unlocks game content in exchange for watching an ad.

Many, many games throughout the App Store offer gamers in-game gems, money, and accessories if they watch an ad. But not all games need to go that route to make money – Fortnite, in particular, seems to be doing a pretty decent job without a single ad involved.

But it does have V-Bucks.

Fortnite leads in average daily revenue at $2.75 million followed by Roblox with revenue of $2.40 million. Augmented reality mobile game Pokemon Go ranks third with returns of $1.86 million while Coin Master closely follows at $1.80 million. Candy Crush Saga brings in the fifth-highest daily revenue of $1.42 million.

The same report notes that while Fortnite is the king of the hill in terms of cash, it's Roblox that is proving the most popular as far as installation numbers go. Finbold reckons the game sees more than 21,000 individual installations each day. And considering each of those is a chance to part people from their money, it's easy to see where that $13 million comes from.