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What you need to know

  • Actor Justin Long has appeared in a new Intel ad comparing Mac and PC.
  • Long spent years as part of Apple's "Get a Mac" ad campaign.

Justin Long has appeared in a new Intel ad that tries to claim that Apple's M1 processors are somehow lacking compared to Intel's. And yes, this is the same Justin Long that spent years playing a Mac in the infamous "Get a Mac" ads.

The ad, part of a larger collection, sees Long compare Apple's Mac computers with those from the likes of MSI and Lenovo. He also proudly proclaims that "no-one games on a Mac." So yeah. There's that.

At least one of the ads even opens like those "Get a Mac" ads, so there's little doubt that Intel's marketing firm and Long know what's going on here. We've already come to the conclusion that Intel has no shame over its attempts to deal with the way Apple silicon blows it out of the water. Now it's taking things a step further.

The fact that Long claims he's "just a real person" doing a "real comparison" between Macs and PCs are laughable and insulting to anyone watching. Unless Long didn't get paid to do the ad, of course. In which case I'll eat my Mac mini. While wearing Jon Prosser's eyebrows.

Other wonders from Long and Intel include the fact that Macs don't have touchscreens. Top stuff.

Ignoring this madness for a moment, can I interest you in one of the best Macs Apple has ever made? Yep. Apple M1 included so, you know. It won't burn anything within a 3ft radius or be brought to its knees by the most menial of tasks.