Project management is hard. Let's just be honest; it really is. There are so many things that can go awry at any stage, whether it's a personal project or a professional one, and if you have too many people working on it at the same time, then signals can quickly become crossed and progress slows to a halt. The right project management software can help keep you on task, even on collaborative projects, so that your vision remains true the whole way through, from inception to fruition.

Timelinr is one such software that helps you create a detailed "roadmap" to your end goal. With the Timelinr Personal Plan Lifetime Subscription, you can four other users can create specific plans for getting from point A to point B in a project. This lifetime subscription regularly retails for over $1,700, but at iMore Digital Offers, you'll pay only $49.99, and that's for up to five users!

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Timelinr's elegant design is the perfect way to help keep you and your co-workers from driving off the rails by helping you create a timeline in order to plan your projects task and what resources might be needed. You'll also be able to fully collaborate on projects, and each member of your group will be able to see any changes that are made thanks to Timelinr's SimulCollab. The best part is that you can create an unlimited number of collborative projects, timelines, and you can share it all to your heart's content.

Business-oriented project management software can be costly, especially in a team setting. Even Timelinr is expensive without iMore Digital Offers' deal. So instead of spending $1,700 for five users, pay only $49.99 and get a lifetime subscription to Timelinr at iMore Digital Offers.

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