The last time you went to the doctor, they asked you whether you've been regularly flossing and you said yes — but have you been? Probably not. But maybe that's because you don't have the proper tools.

Get this water flossing kit for under $35!

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Here at iMore Digital Offers, we want to help. That's why we've got this great deal on an Aqua Water Flosser and dental health kit that's perfect for an individual or family.

With this kit, you get an Aqua Flosser Water Flosser with a 150ml water tank and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery along with four color-coded bonus tips for other members of your family to use. If the deal stopped right there, it would be well worth the discounted price of $33.99, but we're also throwing in a four-piece dental set complete with the same professional tools used to fend off extra stubborn plaque and tartar. We're not saying you'll never need to see a dentist again, but if you use these tools they might actually believe you when you say you've been flossing next time.

Use coupon code SAVE15 at checkout to save an additional 15%, which brings the final price down to just $28.90!

Use code SAVE15 to save an additional 15%!

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This kit is regularly sold for $150, but you can get everything listed above for over 75% off that regular price. Your dental health is important, so keep it in check between appointments with the Aqua Water Flosser.