Kevin Rose on iTunes 9: Bring the Social!

iTunes 9 Ideas

Yeah, I know, I hear ya. But Kevin Rose did totally nail iTunes 8, so why not listen to what the founder of Digg, Revision 3, and Pownce has to say about the iTunes 9 Social? And hey, if it doesn't pan out, we can all go back to hating on his predictions, b'okay?

Tops on his "idea of the month" list for iTunes 9?

  • Get everyone's music info into existing Social Networks, then import it into iTunes
  • Smart Friends. Example: "Any new artist listened to more than 10x by friend [name]"
  • Jukebox Live! All your friends can contribute to and share a common "radio station" on the local network.

You know what? Those aren't half bad! Listen to the full explanations in the video, and let Kevin (and us!) know what you think!

Rene Ritchie

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