Kilowatt is a cool little app for estimating when your EV will be charged

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Kilowatt Banner (Image credit: Tijs Teulings)

What you need to know

  • Kilowatt tells EV drivers when their cars are charged.
  • More than 300 different cars are supported.
  • All car chargers are supported and no data is collected by Kilowatt.

Kilowatt is an app for estimating how long it will be before your electric vehicle's all charged up and ready to go. You'll also be told what range you should expect from the current charge, too.

Available for download for free from the App Store, Kilowatt could be the iPhone and iPad app that EV owners have been looking for. While some carmakers offer their own app that includes things like charge level, not all do and that can make it difficult to know when your car will be charged without standing and watching it.

That's why Kilowatt was created.

Kilowatt helps you easily estimate when your electric car will be charged up and ready to go again. While most electric cars come with a companion app it's not always easy to see when your battery will be full after hooking up your charger. With Kilowatt you simply select your car model, charger type goal charge and you'll receive a notification when your battery is at the percentage you wanted.

Drivers can choose custom goals for charging and all charger types are supported. Kilowatt will also send a notification once the desired charge level has been reached to make sure everyone's always up to speed.

Features include:

  • Makes a quick estimate of the charge time based on car or motorcycle model and charger type
  • Easily pick 80% or 100% as your charging goal, or a custom goal
  • Get an estimate of expected range in miles or kilometers
  • Supports all charger types and 300+ electric car or motorcycle models
  • Receive a notification when your goal has been reached
  • Time estimates take into account the battery charge profile of the selected car if available
  • For cars without a custom profile we use an average charge profile
  • Dark mode support
  • Collects zero personal data, and no ads. Saving everything on your device only

Kilowatt doesn't collect any user data and there are no ads despite the app being free. There are in-app purchases available but they're simply digital tip jars — a way for people to offer something in return for an app they could be using daily.

If you drive an EV and think Kilowatt could be right up your street, download it from the App Store now.

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