Kirby Star Allies Beginner's Guide

Nintendo has been slowly, but surely, introduced its massive franchise characters to the Nintendo Switch and Kirby is the latest beloved character to make his way over.

Though Kirby Star Allies is brand new to the Kirby franchise, it's the perfect mix of old and new mechanics — enjoyable for experienced players and those who are new to the rotund, pink protagonist.

If you're wondering how the game plays or curious about how all the important mechanics work, here's a rundown of everything you need to get started.

Suck up enemies and absorb their power

Like in most Kirby games, you'll need to absorb the power of your enemies to get through each level.

You'll press and hold the B button to suck up enemies, and once they are in your mouth, flick the joystick down to swallow them and assume their power.

There are a multitude of different creatures, enemies, and objects that Kirby can suck up and lots of different powers you can absorb; however, not everything you put in Kirby's mouth will grant you abilities. Plus, you can also hit the B button without swallowing and launch the enemies back out at other baddies!

Power guides

With a plethora of different powers available in the game, it can be hard to keep track of which each one does; however, Nintendo included a handy guide in the menu.

When Kirby has absorbed an ability, you can head into the game's menu by hitting the + button. This will give you a quick rundown of the current power Kirby is holding as well as a list of moves you can use!

Make friends

Kirby Star Allies really focuses on the "allies" part of its name, giving you the ability to charm various enemies and creatures into helping you!

Press and hold the X button to hold out a heart, then release the button and throw the heart at the enemy you want on your team. Boom! Now you have a new ally with a power that will help you take on the world.

You can only have a max of three allies, but if you come across an enemy that you want on your team, you can always charm them as usual and choose to kick a member of your squad out.

Not only are allies important to progress in the game, this is also how you can play Kirby Star Allies with up to three other players!

Power combos

Probably one of the coolest parts of Kirby Star Allies is the ability to team up with your allies and perform combos.

If you and one of your allies have compatible powers, you can hold up on the joystick to initiate a power combo. This can be a lasting effect — like putting fire on a sword — or a one-shot ability that does a special attack.

Pro tip: While there isn't a list of all the combo powers in the game, if you look in the game menu, you'll get some hint on what types of powers can mix with the one Kirby currently has.

Friend platforms

Throughout the game, you may come across these giant golden platforms, known as friend platforms. They trigger fun and neat special events or abilities that require you have three allies.

Gather your team of buddies on the platform, flick your joystick up, and watch the magic happen. You just might find that the power of friendship can be a powerful thing!

Puzzle pieces

Throughout the game, you'll come across blue puzzle pieces that you can collect. These puzzle pieces combine to make pictures that are just that — photos you can collect.


In tall grass, inside flowers, or in chests, you may come across food and lots of it. All food — whether it's a cherry, banana, or a hot dog — will heal you a little bit! If you're hurting for health, watch out for tasty snacks!


Kirby Star Allies screenshot (Image credit: Nintendo)

Another collectible in the game is stars, which are typically yellow, green, or red. These stars allow you to get extra lives pretty easily. Collect a 100 stars and you'll be rewarded with an extra life!

The yellow stars count as one star, the green stars count as five, and the red count as ten stars.

Any questions?

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