Whether you use your computer to do a lot of business or personal communication, you know that images and icons can make your presentations, emails, and other documents pop off the page. Just emojis, these icons can not only help convey emotion but can also be used as universally understood labels for information. Icons are especially useful in design. For example, if you're building a resume or a business card you like the look of a telephone icon next to your phone number.

Over 50,000 icons available!

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From design work to spicing up a simple email, icons can help you communicate more efficiently. If you ever feel like you need a specific icon, you've probably scoured the internet looking for a high-resolution photo you can use or pre-existing icons that may or may not exist. iMore Digital Offers has a better way!

With the Icons8 Unlimited Plan: Lifetime Subscription you'll never have to search for another icon again! With roughly 54,000 icons to choose from, Icons8 will allow you to use a wide-variety of icons on iOS, Android, and Windows!

Just check out these great features that the Icons8 Unlimited Plan: Lifetime Subscription provides!

  • Access 7,000-10,000 new icons every year for three years!
  • Recolor PNG and SVG icons on the fly.
  • Drag and drop icons to Sketch, Photoshop, Xcode or anything else using the free Icons8 app.
  • Browse 50 categories.
  • Search icons effectively thanks to an efficient tagging system
  • Generate fonts that work for your icons.
  • Get codes to paste icons directly into HTML

Normally a three-year subscription to Icons8 would cost you around $600, but iMore Digital Offers can give it to you for only $49! Plus, when your subscription expires, you'll still have lifetime access to all the icons you have! You'll never have to find a specific icon again in your entire life!

Icons that are great for websites, design, and more!

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