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What you need to know

  • LAGOS has unveiled new 18K Rose Gold Apple Watch bracelets for its Smart Caviar collection.
  • It includes one watch bracelet that costs an eye-watering $6,500.

Maker of fine jewelry LAGOS has today unveiled new 18K Rose Gold Apple Watch bracelets for its Smart Caviar collection, including one that costs more than $6,000.

In a press release today the company stated:

AGOS, the fine jewelry brand, expands its best-selling Smart Caviar collection with new radiant 18K rose gold bracelets. Known for its signature Caviar beaded designs, LAGOS developed Smart Caviar, the first fine jewelry bracelet for the Apple Watch, to offer women options and to enhance the look of the casual timepiece. Fan favorite rose gold, pairs beautifully with stainless steel for effortless, everyday wear. For an elevated look, a limited number of ultra-luxe rose gold and diamond bracelets will be made to order. These new styles join the existing Smart Caviar collection of bracelets, including stainless steel, colored ceramic, yellow gold, and sterling silver with diamonds.

LAGOS has two new Watch bracelets, the first is an 18K Rose Gold and Stainless Steel bracelet. The 38-44mm costs $1,900, whilst a 42-44mm costs $2,300.

If that's too cheap and nasty for you, you could check out the 18K Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Diamond Watch Bracelet, which, as the name suggests, includes diamonds on the bracelet and costs $6,500.

The size options mean they all work with Apple Watches including the Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch SE. If LAGOS' bands are a bit much for you, you can always check out iMore's round-up of the best Apple Watch Bands currently available in 2021.