Lake Coloring collaborates with Two Dots and Spoonflower

Lake Coloring Book is one of my favorite coloring book apps and the reason is that the company works directly with independent artists to provide beautiful illustrations for all of us to enjoy coloring. Every artist is unique and brings a different aesthetic to my experience. I love seeing what new designs get added and how I'm going to create my masterpiece. Recently Lake Coloring teamed up with independent fabric designer Spoonflower to let us turn our own coloring creations into fabric, art, and even wrapping paper.

It gets better. Lake Coloring has also joined with the developers of the stylish puzzle game Two Dots to bring some fun new illustrations to Lake Coloring Book.

Dots, the creative team behind Two Dots, are "an eclectic mix of illustrators, musicians, animators, designers, engineers, and creative spirits." I haven't met any of them, but that's how they're described by the press release I received about them (all of the soundtracks to their games have been composed by the talented Upright T-Rex Music. From what their illustrations look like in the Lake Coloring Book app I'd have to agree. I'm pretty sure we'd have a lot of fun getting ramen together in the City.

The free 12 Two Dots illustrations are based on the background maps in the game. Make friends with a Yeti, adventure with an owl, and rocket through space in a Jules Vern style submarine. Seriously, these illustrations are adorable.

If you upload your creations and tag @lakecoloring and @twodots to your soch meeds, you might get a feature in the Two Dots game. Plus, as a special launch celebration, you could win a Two Dots in-game premium upgrade or a year's subscription to Lake. Not bad for just coloring in a coloring book.

Spoonflower makes patterns into fabrics and paper (wall or wrapping). The company specializes in providing printed works by independent artists, but it also lets you upload your own design.

There are currently 16 patterns in Spoonflower's package that you can color yourself and then get a physical printing of. Something really cool about using a Spoonflower pattern is that it automatically fills in the colors of any repeats so you don't have to color every separate illustration.

Once you've finished coloring, you'll be able to upload the pattern to Spoonful's order page right within the Lake Coloring Book app. From there, you can choose what you want it printed on to. You can get a small 5" X 5" swath of cloth, or multiple yards of a variety of fabrics so you can literally make a dress out of your own, personally colored pattern.

With the artistic collaboration from Two Dots and the teaming up with Spoonflower, there's lots to do in the Lake Coloring Book app. If you don't already own it, you should download it right now. It's free and comes with one free illustration every day. You can also subscribe to have access to all of the coloring books for $2.99 per week, $7.99 per month, or $59.99 per year. If you're not into subscribing for all-access, you can purchase coloring books from individual artists, too (part of your coloring book purchase goes directly to the artist that created it).

Lory Gil

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