LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch review: Shine on

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch
(Image: © Karen Freeman/iMore)

iMore Verdict

Bottom line: Go for an elevated aesthetic with this cool metallic leather Apple Watch band.


  • +

    Appealing metallic shine

  • +

    Genuine Italian leather

  • +

    Suede lined

  • +

    Three color options

  • +

    Comfortable to wear

  • +

    Stainless steel hardware


  • -

    Not for tiny wrists

  • -

    Only available in 38/40mm size

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I'm always on the lookout for interesting, fun, and attractive bands to change up the look of my Apple Watch. I've found it with the LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch. Elevate your look with this soft, flexible genuine Italian leather band infused with a metallic glow. You'll stand out from the crowd in the best way.

Genuine leather

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch: Features

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

LAUT has created an Apple Watch band from genuine Italian "specchio" (mirror) leather, which is often used for shoes and handbags to give them a distinctive shiny look. It's difficult to capture the shine in photos; it's both reflective and has a soft luster to it. You can still see the pebbly leather texture, so it's not totally smooth like a mirror or even patent leather. Unlike some bands that sparkle, this leather is soft to the touch and is extremely comfortable to wear. The inside of the band is suede, so it feels lovely against the wrist.

Nine holes give you some size flexibility, though with my smallish wrists (roughly 5.5 inches or 140 millimeters around) I find myself using the first hole. If your wrist is any smaller than mine, you'll need to punch another hole in order to fit your wrist correctly. There are two loops to secure the tail of the band. The second loop is moveable so even if the tail portion is long, it won't stick out. In my experience, it stays put throughout the day, so I never need to adjust or worry about it.

Why settle for ordinary? Shine with this metallic band on your wrist.

The hardware is stainless steel. I found the hardware to be of great quality, with the adaptors working exactly as expected. The leather feels like quality as well, and I expect it to hold up for years to come. Choose from three metallic shades: Rose, Gold, and Silver.

The right shine

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch: What I like

I feel in love with this band right out of the box. It's glowy and gorgeous without being patent leather shiny or plastic-like or gaudy. It has a soft luster that adds just the right amount of shine for a look that stands out from the crowd. I very much enjoy this band and will definitely wear it in regular rotation.

I do like genuine leather, and this suede-lined Italian specchio leather band is both comfortable and beautiful. I happen to love the pinky Rose shade but there is also Silver and Gold if you prefer.

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch (Image credit: Karen Freeman/iMore)

Not for everyone

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch: What I don't like

Unfortunately, the LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch isn't currently available for the larger 42/44mm Apple Watch size. Plus, if you have wrists much smaller than mine (5.5 inches/140 millimeters), there won't be a buckle hole for you. You can easily punch another hole since it is leather, but you'll need a special tool (or a jeweler to do it for you).

Super aesthetic

LAUT METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch: Bottom line

LAUT's beautiful METALLIC Leather Strap for Apple Watch is a genuine Italian specchio (mirror) leather band lined with suede for extra comfort. The pebbled leather texture is still plainly visible, which breaks up the shine so it's not like a patent leather at all. The shine is more of a soft luster, and it's gorgeous.

With nine buckle holes, this band will fit a lot of wrists, but I wear it on the smallest hole. If your wrists are smaller than mine (at 5.5 inches/140 millimeters), then you'll need to punch another hole. Choose from three colors: Rose, Gold, or Silver. All of the colors have stainless steel hardware. The band will fit any generation Apple Watch but only one size: the smaller 38/40mm Apple Watch.

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