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You've got a shiny new AirTag (or several) to track your most precious items, so now you need some kind of AirTag accessory to actually secure the AirTag to the item. Apple offers some nice ones, of course. But you've got lots of other options besides Apple's offerings or just MacGyvering some kind of solution with duct tape. Here are some of the best accessories for AirTags.

Cyrill Airtag Case Key Ring For Airtag Render Cropped

Vegan leather: CYRILL AirTag Case with Key Ring

Staff Pick

Like the look and feel of leather but not the actual idea of leather? CYRILL offers a keychain-style AirTag accessory made from vegan leather in a couple of different color options. The carabiner-style clip opens up wide enough to attach to keys and other items as well.

From $17 at Amazon
Apple Airtag Leather Key Ring Baltic Blue Render Cropped

Apple simplicity: Apple Airtag Leather Key Ring

Apple's simple and elegant aesthetic is on full display here, in an affordable package. Snap your AirTag into this keychain; its open design means that Apple logo will be fully visible. Put your keys on the ring for the perfect blend of form and function.

Szjcltd Soft Silicone Case Four Pack Airtags Render Cropped

Bargain four-pack: SZJCLTD (4 Pack) Soft Silicone Case Compatible with Apple AirTags

You picked up a four-pack of AirTags from Apple. Why not pick up four keychains for one super low price? You get one of each color, as shown, perfect for color-coding for different family members or for different items you're tracking.

$8 at Amazon
Esr Airtag Keychain Render Cropped

Value two-pack: ESR Tag Keychain Silicon Case

This inexpensive silicone case on a carabiner ring lets you attach your AirTag to just about anything. Just slip the AirTag inside; the Apple logo will still be visible. Choose from a handful of different two-pack color combinations.

$15 at Amazon
Jkred Apple Airtag Keychain Holder Render Cropped

Colorful silicone: JKRED Case Cover for Apple AirTag Key Ring Holder

A simple, well-priced silicone sleeve houses your AirTag, and a round carabiner-style ring lets you attach it to any number of items. It is open on one side to display the Apple logo. Choose from lots of different colors.

$4 at Amazon
Rilixuy Airtag Protective Case Render Cropped

Flower power: Rilixuy AirTag Protective Case (3-pack)

Who said your AirTag case has to be a basic solid? Change up the look with a colorful floral design. Choose from two different sets, each containing three different floral patterns. A carabiner clip attaches the AirTag to the items of your choice.

$19 at Amazon
Caseology Vault AirTag

Lock it down: Caseology Vault for Apple AirTag

If you want sturdy protection and secure attachment for your AirTag, Caseology's Vault carrier might just fit the bill for you. This durable case fits on your key ring or bag strap, with a carabiner used to attach it to whatever it is you're looking to keep track of with an AirTag.

$15 at Amazon
Dbrand Apple Airtag Grip Case Render Cropped

Change the look: dbrand Apple AirTag Grip Case

You can always count on dbrand to skin all of Apple's products, and the AirTag is no exception. The kit includes AirTag holder, lanyard, keyring attachment, and skins for the front and back. Choose from a wide variety of colorful skins.

$20 at dbrand
Belkin Airtag Accessory

Flexible: Belkin Secure Holder with Strap

The longer strap means you can attach this simple little number to many different things: keychain, purse, bag, suitcase, backpack, stroller, and more. Just snap your AirTag inside, and you're good to go. Choose from four colors.

Followpaw Airtag Dog Collar Render Cropped

Pet security: FollowPaw AirTag Dog Collar

While Apple doesn't recommend using AirTags to track pets, if you're inclined to do it anyway, this is an option to consider. The FollowPaw AirTag Dog Collar has a tiny pocket that you can slip the AirTag into before fastening the collar around your dog's neck. It's available in four sizes and two colorways.

$48 at FollowPaw
Nomad Glasses Strap For Airtag Render Cropped

Glasses keeper: Nomad Glasses Strap for AirTag

If you tend to lose your glasses or sunglasses, there isn't an obvious way to attach a tracker. Enter Nomad's Glasses Strap for AirTag. Attach the strap to your glasses and pop that AirTag inside.

$30 at Nomad
Apple Airtag Loop Sunflower Render Cropped

Another Apple option: Apple AirTag Loop

Apple's least expensive offering is a polyurethane loop that can attach to any number of items. Choose from four different colors. You can also choose a leather version for a little bit more.

Benazcap Five Pack Airtag Loop Holder Render Cropped

Loop style: Benazcap Portable Case for AirTag (5-pack)

Modeled after Apple's Loop, this silicone loop costs a lot less. Snap the AirTag inside; the Apple logo is fully visible. Get five loop AirTag holders in a variety of colors for one low price.

$19 at Amazon
Belkin Secure Holder With Key Ring Render Cropped

Basic key ring: Belkin Secure Holder with Key Ring

Snap your AirTag inside and attach your keys to the ring. The ring is truly designed for keys, but you might be able to slide it onto another very thin item. Choose from four colors.

Moment Stretch Fabric Mount For Airtags Render Cropped

Hidden talent: Moment Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags

Slip your AirTag into this "hidden" compartment and attach the adhesive back to just about anything. The proprietary adhesive sticks to both fabric and hard surfaces.

$20 at Moment
Catnot Silicone Case For Airtags Render Cropped

Sticky: Catnot Silicone Case Compatible with New Apple AirTags (2-pack)

This inexpensive adhesive option lets you slip your AirTag inside and stick it onto your pesky disappearing tv remote or any other track-worthy item. The adhesive will not leave a residue. You get two little silicone cases for the price, and you can choose from nearly a dozen colors.

$15 at Amazon
Dhyed Airtag Protective Film Render Cropped

Resist scratches: DHYED Protective Film for AirTag

Unfortunately, AirTags get scratched up quite easily. Many of the cases leave the AirTag exposed and many of us are putting AirTags on keychains or other places where they can get scratched. Keep scratches away with this simple TPU film. You can pick up a five-pack or a ten-pack.

From $3 at Amazon
Nomad Leather Keychain For Airtag Render Cropped

Subtle look: Nomad AirTag Leather Keychain

If you don't necessarily want to advertise that you have an AirTag on your keychain, consider the upscale leather keychain from Nomad. Your AirTag is securely hidden inside the vegetable-tanned Horween leather fob. Choose from two colors.

$30 at Nomad

What are the best accessories for your AirTags?

Before purchasing an AirTag accessory, you'll want to think about where you'll want to attach it. If you're planning to use it as your keychain, I like the CYRILL AirTag Case with Key Ring. Keys will be securely attached to the leather case, and your AirTag will be securely attached inside it.

If you want to stick the AirTag onto or inside something, the adhesive-backed Moment mounts are a great choice. There are several different models to choose from, but they all stick onto hard surfaces and even soft fabrics, allowing you to stick your AirTag securely inside a clothing item or bag. They also happen to hide the AirTag, so you're not advertising that it's a valuable item.

If you want to attach your AirTag to a bag, suitcase, stroller, or anything else with a handle or strap, look for an accessory with a carabiner clip or a loop like Belkin Secure Holder with Strap.

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