Lawsuit against Apple over undelivered text messages dismissed

A lawsuit against Apple over iMessage and the Messages app has been dismissed. The suit alleged that Apple's previous issues with iMessage, which saw text messages undelivered when someone switched to an Android phone without turning off iMessage first, constituted a violation of the Federal Wiretap Act.

Apple requested the dismissal after finding out that two of the plaintiffs still owned their iPhones until after the lawsuit had been filed, according to Business Insider:

Apple previously asked the judge to dismiss the suit after Apple discovered that two of the three plaintiffs in the case had gotten rid of their old iPhones after they filed the suit against Apple. They are thus unable to demonstrate whether texts sent to their phone numbers went to their Apple or Android devices, Apple claimed.

For those of you looking to switch from iPhone to another platform, you can quickly and easily de-activate iMessage on your iPhone before removing your SIM card. You can also use Apple's web tool.

Source: Business Insider