Leaked images suggest the iPhone 12 will feature LiDAR and a 120Hz display

Iphone 12 Max Concept Video Grab
Iphone 12 Max Concept Video Grab (Image credit: Devam Jangra)

Update, August 25 (9:00 pm ET): Jon Prosser drops video showing off the iPhone 12 Pro Max in action

What you need to know

  • Apple leaker Jon Prosser has posted a pair of leaked settings screenshots.
  • The screenshots appear to show off potential settings for the iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • They seem to indicate the camera will use LiDAR and feature a 120Hz display.

The camera on the iPhone 12 Pro Max may be getting a lot more customization options.

Apple leaker Jon Prosser has posted a pair of photos that he claims are screenshots of the camera options that will be available to those who own the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

"Camera and display settings for current PVT model of 6.7" iPhone 12 Pro Max. Want video too?"

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The first screenshot seems to indicate that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will include a LiDAR sensor that can be used to assist with autofocus and object detection when taking video and photos in low light. There is also mention of an "Enhanced Night Mode" that could enable the phone to take more detailed photos at night.

The second screenshot, if it turns out to be true, could set to rest the debate around a 120Hz ProMotion display. The screenshot shows an ability to not only turn on a high refresh rate but to also choose if you want to enable an "Adaptive Refresh Rate," which would allow the phone to automatically switch refresh rates depending on the content on screen.

Prosser says that some PVT models feature the high refresh rate, while others do not. He also teased a video version of the leak, which will be featured in a new video on his Front Page Tech YouTube channel.

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Prosser has not said whether these features will be limited to just the 6.7-inch iPhone, or if it will also be available to the smaller Pro model as well.

Another prolific Apple leaker, EverythingApplePro, also tweeted out a few images. The first claims to show off a real image of a prototype 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max that, if authentic, shows that the famous notch will remain on this year's lineup.

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The second set of images look to be ripped out of Apple's own website where it details the features of the iPhone. While obviously not published yet, the images indicate that the iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature a 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR Display and that the new iPhone will support wireless fast charging.

The image also shows that Apple will not be shipping a 20W fast charger in the box, which now gives even more weight to the idea that Apple will not include a charger in the box with the new iPhones.

Update, August 25 (9:00 pm ET) — Jon Prosser drops video showing off the iPhone 12 Pro Max in action

A few hours after tweeting out the screenshots that indicate the iPhone 12 Pro Max will feature LiDAR and a 120Hz ProMotion display, the leaker dropped a video showcasing what the leaker says is the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In the video, the iPhone is inside a PVT case which, as Prosser explains, prevents the source from showing off the sides and back of the iPhone. While you can not see much, Prosser says that his source pointed out that the notch is still present and the bezels are smaller than the current iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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