Leaker hints at new iMac colors hidden in Apple April event invite [Update]

Jon Prosser Imac 2021colors
Jon Prosser Imac 2021colors (Image credit: Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech)

What you need to know

  • Apple is hosting an event on Tuesday, April 20.
  • A leaker has cryptically hinted at rumors of upcoming iMacs with new colors.
  • We've previously heard Apple has five new iMac colors planned.

Update, April 18 (12:40 pm ET): L0vetodream is pushing back against reports saying that the leaker hinted at an iMac refresh with new colors.

Twitter leaker l0vetodream has cryptically hinted at the prospect of a new 2021 iMac that might be coming at the April Apple event, possibly in multiple colors.

In a tweet LTD simply stated:


It is customary for Apple fans to try and find hidden meanings and messages in Apple's event invites ahead of possible product announcements, and Apple's 'Spring Loaded' invite for next week has been no different.

Now, l0vetodream might well be trolling us, or simply playing along with the fun. However, Apple is rumored to be planning a release of a brand new iMac with a staggering new design and maybe some new colors.

From February and Jon Prosser:

A brand new story from serial Apple leaker Jon Prosser has revealed what could be the next design of Apple's brand new 2021 iMac featuring five color choices. We also got a look at Apple's rumored upcoming Mac Pro 'mini'. Apple is expected to replace its 2020 iMac later this year.In his latest video, Prosser notes reports of an iMac redesign, and that Apple isn't just coming with a redesign, but nostalgia too. That's because, on top of similar design language to Apple's Pro Display XDR and the new iPad Air, there are some new colors apparently on the way. In a stunning concept pictured below, Prosser might well have revealed the upcoming redesign of the iMac, based on leaks from various sources.

Jon Prosser Imac Front

Jon Prosser Imac Front (Image credit: Jon Prosser / Front Page Tech)

The new colors are pictured in the above concept, hinting at plans Apple might have to return to the colorful iMac lineups of old.

A complete design overhaul is expected alongside the inclusion of new Apple silicon chips. With the event just days away, we don't have long to find out.

Update, April 18 (12:45 pm ET) — L0vetodream is pushing back against reports saying that the leaker hinted at an iMac refresh with new colors.

After multiple outlets reported on a tweet by leaker L0vetodream, saying that it indicated that new iMacs with multiple colors could see an announcement at Tuesday's Apple Event, the leaker responded and said that the tweet was misunderstood.

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One translation on Reddit seems to confirm that.

L0vetodream's response seems to suggest that the leaker was simply comparing the colors of the Apple Event invite to the colors of the old iMac, rather than saying that people should expect such an announcement at Tuesday's event. So, while rumors of an iMac announcement at this week's event are growing, L0vetodream does not want anyone to get the idea that they are one of the leakers making the full-on prediction that we can expect a new color lineup.

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