Learning a new language is quite tough, and yet we can learn the lyrics and melody of a new hit song within minutes! That’s because our mind instinctively picks up on memorable tunes, a phenomenon known as “earworm”. Combining an earworm with language association makes learning a new language much easier, which is where Earworms MBT comes in, and it’s on sale for $14.99.

Earworms Musical Brain Training (MBT) is a language learning tool that plays music filled with rhythmic repetitions to help you subconsciously learn verbs, nouns, and connecting words. By memorizing these tunes you’ll be able to string together phrases and entire sentences to help you survive real-world scenarios such as ordering food or hailing a taxi. This deal comes with Volumes 1-3 in each available language, with each language offering over 200 minutes of continuous audio.

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With Earworms MBT, learning a new language is as simple as listening to some catchy tunes. You can learn Italian, German, French, and both Latin American and European Spanish with Earworms MBT for just $14.99.

Earworms MBT Language Learning Bundle Vol. 1-3 - $14.99

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