Back in February, Pinterest introduced a new feature for iOS called Lens that allowed you to point your camera at your surrounding environment and discover new ideas, objects, and details based on what was situated around you.

Now, Pinterest is taking their Lens feature a full step further with the new ability to scan food and get the ingredients that went into making said food – if you're pinterested, of course!

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And now we're rolling out a way for you to Lens an entire dish and get recipes to recreate the meal. So the next time you want to copycat the waffles at your favorite brunch spot, Lens them to see what ideas turn up.

How does it work?

It seems like all you have to do is launch the app and scan whatever food you want some info on!

You'll then be able to look for recipes "by time, diet, and the ingredients you have on hand".

What else is new?

Along with the new food feature, the app is partnering with "sites like epicurious, Martha Stewart, and Food Network".

When can I start scanning food?

The new feature should roll out in the next couple of weeks and months for users.

What do you think?

Do you think Pinterest is going to totally nail this new feature on their app, or do you think it's only going to half-work? Are you excited for more apps to introduce features like these or do you think it's a silly, attention-grabbing feature that's more flash-in-the-pan than useful?

Let us know what your thoughts are on Pinterest's latest update in the comments below!

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