The new LG UltraFine 5K display works with iPad Pro as well as Mac

Up until now, if you were hoping for 5K resolution when using your iPad, you'd be out of luck. However, LG's new 5K UltraFine display is here to help. It's compatible with the 2018 iPad Pro as well as Mac, and if you're interested, you can find it over at the Apple Store, where it's currently being sold for $1,299.95.

For all intents and purposes, this is very similar to the LG 4K UltraFine Display that was released in 2018. It has a 5120x2880 resolution panel, a built-in webcam, mic, and speakers, and three USB-C ports. However, rather than using Thunderbolt ports, the 5K UltraFine takes 5K resolution over USB-C. You can connect your device using a single cable and access the crisp, gorgeous display output, plus speedy charging and external accessories.

Louryn Strampe

Louryn saves money on everything she buys. In between waiting for Amazon deliveries, she googles the Animal Crossing Switch release date, hand-letters on her iPad Pro, and downloads a zillion match-three apps. She also loves Skyrim, makeup, and beer. Find her on Twitter: @lourynstrampe