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What you need to know

  • LG is reportedly set to sell iPhones in its Korean LG Best Shop stores starting next month.
  • LG had faced opposition to the plans but plans to go ahead.

LG is set to begin selling iPhones in its Korean LG Best Shop stores starting next month, according to a new report. This is despite the company coming in for strong opposition to the move and going as far as to suspend talks with Apple earlier this month.

It was reported in June that Apple was talking to LG about the possibility of selling iPhones in its stores. LG has recently pulled out of the smartphone market, and Apple saw the opportunity to take some of its vacant shelf space.

LG later halted discussions due to backlash from local companies that were worried about the increased competition.

LG Electronics is embarrassed by the backlash of small and medium-sized retailers and public opinion who tried to fill the void in the withdrawal of the mobile business through cooperation with Apple.

However, a new report by the Herald Economic Daily (via Google Translate) suggests that LG has smoothed things over and will begin selling iPhones from August.

According to the telecommunication and manufacturing industry on the 20th, LG Electronics has effectively confirmed the plan to sell iPhones at LG Best Shop and is proceeding with the existing plan. As a result, LG Electronics, which will withdraw from the mobile business at the end of this month, will start selling iPhones at LG Best Shops nationwide from August.

As part of the agreement, LG looks set to do a deal with the National Mobile Communication Distribution Association — a group that looks after the interests of smaller and medium-sized telecoms retailers.

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The move should mean Apple can sell iPhone 13 units via LG when they become available later this year, with other iPhone models also likely to find a home in LG Best Shop units, too. For everyone else, these are the best iPhone deals you'll find in the United States.