LG has suspended talks about carrying Apple products in South Korea stores

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What you need to know

  • LG has reportedly suspended talks with Apple about carrying its products.
  • The company was planning to sell Apple's products in its Best Shop retail stores.
  • The stores had been empty since the company exited the mobile phone business.

LG has reportedly suspended talks about selling the iPhone at its Best Shop retail stores in South Korea.

As reported by SME Daily (via Google Translate), the company is apparently facing backlash from small businesses and public opinion in the country over the potential partnership.

According to the mobile industry on the 8th, it is known that LG Electronics has recently temporarily suspended the decision-making process for the plan to sell Apple products at Best Shop, a home appliance store.LG Electronics is embarrassed by the backlash of small and medium-sized retailers and public opinion who tried to fill the void in the withdrawal of the mobile business through cooperation with Apple.

Back in June, it was reported that Apple and LG were working on a potential partnership that would bring Apple's iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more into LG's Best Shop retail stores in South Korea after the company left the mobile business.

The two companies are reportedly discussing the establishment of separate Apple corners within the shops that are directly run by Apple employees or allowing LG Best Shop employees to sell Apple products after LG Electronics acquires the right to the sale of Apple products. The two sides have yet to decide when the partnership starts, but some market experts predict that it will be some time after the end of July when LG Electronics completely pull out of the smartphone business.

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Lory sitting in a chair using iPad Air 4 (Image credit: Lory Gil / iMore)

The backlash the company is facing may be due to its promise to only sell LG phones in its stores back in 2018. According to the story, LG promised to only sell its own phones in its retail stores in order to allow smaller businesses to compete by carrying other brands.

LG Electronics' plan to start selling Apple's iPhones at its stores is facing backlash from local phone distributors and a private consensus-based panel on shared growth on Thursday threw weight behind opponents, saying LG would be breaking its word if it pushes ahead with the plan.The Korea Commission for Corporate Partnership cited the firm's pact with the commission signed in 2018 in which LG pledged to strive for co-prosperity with small players in the industry.

If the agreement is able to go through, Apple is surely trying to make it happen before it announces the iPhone 13 lineup this fall. The new iPhone is expected to feature upgraded cameras, a 120Hz display, and a significant increase in battery life.

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