Light your home the smart way with Philip Hue's new lineup of fixtures

Within the last month or so, a couple of new lights from Philips Hue's new lineup have been leaked online, giving us a glimpse of the long-awaited Outdoor LightStrip and the White Ambience Adore series of lighted mirrors. Today, however, the company has officially given The Verge a preview of its Fall 2018 lineup, which will be available for pre-order soon and will ship out sometime in October. Here are the new offerings, according to the article:

The Ascend Collection

This collection is very thematically consistent, and incorporates the same cover shape made of diffused glass into the design of the wall light ($99.99), table light ($129.99), pendant light ($149.99), and floor lamp ($179.99). Each fixture comes with an included Hue bulb as well, according to the Verge: "The table and wall light ship with the E12 candle bulb, while the floor lamp and pendant ship with the A19 bulb." With this collection, you can essentially give all the lighting in your house a uniform, HomeKit-enabled makeover that's both minimalist and stylish.

The White Ambience Adore Collection

Meant for use in bathrooms, the White Ambience Adore collection consists of a circular lighted mirror ($249.99) and an circular flush-mount fixture ($179.99). Both give off a gentle white glow, ideal for getting ready in the morning. According to the Verge, both of these lights will also ship with a dimmer switch with standard presets that can be changed to fit your personal tastes and lifestyle. What's extra cool about these is that because they're meant for use in a pretty moist (I know, ew, but it's true) place, they've been DAMP rated to assure that they won't degrade in the humidity produced by your relaxing self-care baths over time.

The Enchant Pendant

The Hue White and Color Ambience Enchant Pendant is a suspension fixture that's designed to give off precise, direct lighting. It's super sleek design is pretty ideal for any room, and because it ships with a color bulb you can choose from approximately 16 million colors to achieve the perfect #mood. Like any other color Hue bulb, you can also sync it to music you're listening to or a movie you're watching, which is absolutely delightful. It's priced at $99.99.

The Being Pendant

This Being Pendant doesn't even have a pre-order listing up yet, but it's set to cost $249.99 when it's released. It's another one you mount from the ceiling, but instead of having a drop-like design, it has more of a ring design. Like the Ambience lights, it doesn't feature a traditional Hue bulb, and will only glow various shades of white.

The Outdoor LightStrip

Again, there isn't a listing officially up for the Outdoor LightStrip yet, but images of it first leaked back in July. It's essentially a waterproof version of its indoor twin of the same name, meaning that it can't be extended or shortened. It can be adjusted to be various colors, making it the ideal Halloween, holiday, and everyday addition to your yard or garden. The 16-foot long version will be priced at $159.99, and the 7-foot model will be priced at $89.99.

To learn more, check out the Verge's original piece. To stay updated on Philips Hue and other HomeKit news in general, make sure to bookmark our own HomeKit News: Everything you need to know!.


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