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What you need to know

  • Lightricks has released Filtertune, a new photo editing app.
  • The app will enable users to create and share photo filter presets.
  • Photos shared will feature a QR code to download the filter for yourself.

Lightricks, developer of the popular FaceTune, Videoleap, and Enlight apps, has launched a new photo editing app called Filtertune. The app is enabling creatives to build their own custom preset filters and share them with anyone. All features of the app, as opposed to some who put certain parts behind a paywall, will be free to all users.

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According to the developer, Filtertune was created after seeing the trend of sharing photography preset filter packs across social media sites like YouTube and Instagram. The app will make it easier than ever to create and share presets with the community.

Filtertune allows users to create their own dazzling photo filters and share them with followers and friends simply by adding a unique scannable QR code when sharing the photo on Instagram. Anyone can download filters made by friends, creators, and influencers that they admire by taking a screenshot of the QR code. Those filters then become available to use the next time they open Filtertune—allowing anyone to easily recreate the aesthetic of those who inspire them, understand how the look was created, and customize a desired look in order to create a signature filter unique to their individual style.

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Zeev Farbman, co-founder and CEO at Lightricks, says that the app will complement the company's other offerings and bring filter preset creation and sharing to many who have felt it out of reach.

"Right now, people are craving more ways than ever to explore their own creativity, express themselves, and connect with others in unique, fun, and powerful ways. To meet this demand, we are thrilled to introduce Filtertune—the fourth product we've launched this year. Filtertune represents a natural evolution of our growing product experiences, and with it, Lightricks will continue fostering a culture of online community, sharing, and collaboration that is necessary for young artists, creators, and anyone who enjoys social media. Filtertune's sister apps, including Facetune2 and Quickshot, have seen a 30% increase and a 35% increase in users this year, respectively. This emphasizes the demand for photo editing and creativity apps, and now Filtertune will provide accessibility to original filter creation and help anyone build an aesthetic they never thought possible, while sharing with and learning from a community of fellow creators."

You can download Filtertune for free from the App Store now.

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