Lightroom June 2022 release: Finally lets you edit videos and offers more Presets

Lightroom On Mac
Lightroom On Mac (Image credit: iMore)

Adobe announced several Lightroom and Lightroom Classic updates that users have been wanting for a long time. For instance, finally providing the ability to edit videos and have even more customization control. These updates start rolling out today and "will be available to everyone by the end of the week." Some abilities already available on the desktop version will also be rolling out to the mobile version. Here's everything new for Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

The big thing: Editing abilities now work with videos!

Lightroom June Release Preset Video (Image credit: Adobe)

Lightroom has always been one of the best photo editing apps out there, but things just got even better with the Lightroom June 2022 release. Now, all of the editing tools that have already been in Lightroom can be used to edit imported videos. To be clear, Lightroom did have the ability to import videos before, but editing tools could not be used on them. This means that you can now do things like add vignettes, color grading, Preset filters, and more to your video imports. Lightroom's AI also works to suggest the best Presets that will work with your videos.

Note that this does not add timeline editing, though you can trim the beginning or end of your video. You'll need to use Adobe Premiere or Adobe Rush for more intensive movie edits.

So much Preset news!

Several of the Lighroom updates for June 2022 center around Presets. So here's a round-up of all of them.

Preset Amount Slider for easy customization

Lightroom June Release Preset Amount Slider (Image credit: Adobe)

One of the best new things to arrive with this update is undoubtedly the Preset Amount Slider. This allows users to change the intensity of a Preset by simply moving the slider that appears on the side. That way you can get any image to look the way you want it to without overdoing it.

New Adaptive Presets change specific areas of an image with just a click

Lightroom June Release Adaptive Presets (Image credit: Adobe)

This update introduces a whole new type of Presets that rely on Lightroom AI. This allows the program to identify an area of the image and make fast changes with just the touch of a button. For instance, Adaptive: Sky quickly identifies the sky and creates a mask layer for it so that only that area gets changed. You then can choose between several options like making the sky clear blue, sunset, stormy, and more. There are also Adaptive Presets for identifying the subject of your images whether that's an object or a person and creating fast effects for them as well. This will really help your images stand out while saving you time.

New Premium Preset packs for additional customization

Lightroom June Release Premiem Presets (Image credit: Adobe)

The last update surrounding Presets involves a group of brand new premium packs.

  • Portraits: Black & White — 12 black and white presets for you to choose from.
  • Portraits: Edgy — 12 presets that will give color and emphasis to your portraits.
  • Portraits: Group — Eight presets specifically designed for images with more than one person in them.
  • Subject: Concerts — 11 presets to help make your concert images pop.
  • Video: Creative — 12 presets that are specifically designed to work well with videos.

Preset updates coming to Lightroom on mobile as well

Lightroom On Iphone Mobile (Image credit: iMore)

The ability to edit videos and use the new Preset Amount Slider is also available with Lightroom mobile. Now you can easily make edits to your favorite iPhone or iPad captures and get them looking just the way you like.

Red Eye Removal finally comes to Lightroom with AI

Lightroom June Release Red Eye Removal (Image credit: Adobe)

I know, I know, it's taken quite a long time for red eye removal to finally make its way to Lightroom. But now if you're touching up older pictures or using older flash photography equipment that's prone to producing red eye in images, you'll be able to easily tone down those red hues to make people's gaze look more natural.

You can choose to manually remove red eye if you'd like, but Lightroom's AI can detect all of the eyes on the screen and fix the problem for you with just one click so you don't have to waste time on such a simple problem.

Lightroom Discover More social and interactive

Lightroom Discover is a service built right into the software that allows users to share their work with each other and view the edits people went through to make the final image. Several updates are coming to both the desktop and mobile versions of Discover for an even better social experience.

Remix comes to Lightroom Discover mobile

Lightroom June Release Mobile Remix (Image credit: iMore)

Last fall, a new option called Remix was added to the desktop version of Lightroom Discover, but now it's coming to mobile as well.

Remix allows other users to make edits to your original image so that everyone can come up with different final products. It's also a way for you to show off your editing skills on others' images. Whenever you upload an image, you get to determine whether or not other users can use Remix on your photo.

Improved Search with keywords, subject matter, and more

Lightroom June Release Search (Image credit: Adobe)

It's now easier than ever to find inspiring work from others on Lightroom Discover using the updated search tools. Use specific keywords and categories to find images that interest you. You can even choose to search by whether or not they can be Remixed, if they're Featured, or if they use a Preset that's available to you.

Finally compare your images side by side

Lightroom June Release Image Comparison (Image credit: Adobe)

With the click of a button, you can now view two images at a time to help you select which one will be better for any given project.

Additional improvements

To wrap things up, here are a number of additional changes coming to Lightroom that should make the editing process a whole lot easier.

  • Batch Copy/Paste of AI Masks: With just the click of a button, the Lightroom AI can batch process your photos with masks for a similar effect, like changing the skies in each picture to clear blue.
  • Mask Group Invert: Invert a mask group to work with the other areas in an image without having to take the time to select it separately.
  • Forward/Back Buttons: Lightroom is now easier to traverse than ever with the brand new forward and backward buttons, which function similarly to those on a web browser.
  • Local Storage Management: Use Lightroom to determine where your images are stored and delete the cache to make more room for your projects.

At last... I see the light

With so many impressive updates and additions, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic are both looking better than ever. Whether you want to improve the look of your images or quickly make video adjustments, Adobe has you covered. Since these updates are coming to both desktop and mobile versions of the software, you can make these customizations from just about anywhere, whether it's on your favorite Mac or your best iPhone.

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