Linea Go brings iPad drawing power to iPhone

I've made no secret of the lust in my heart for Pencil on iPhone XS Max. Apple hasn't yet chosen to make that particular wish come true, but Iconfactory has done part of the job by bringing over the outstanding Linea app from iPad. Optimized as Linea Go for iPhone, it's got all the power you expect, just crammed down into an ittier-bittier box.

From the Iconfactory blog:

When we designed Linea Sketch for iPad, we crafted it to be elegant and powerful enough to record your thoughts and ideas, but without overloading you with a myriad of tools, options, and settings that are common in other drawing apps.Little did we know we were also laying the groundwork for Linea Go and the need to conserve real estate on a phone's screen. The result is an app that's always with you, simple, and ready to take notes, sketch concepts, or record ideas with either your finger or a stylus.Linea Go's concise set of tools puts focus on your work, not the interface. Choose from a small but powerful set of best-in-class drawing tools like the Art Pencil, Technical Pencil, Marker, or Pen. Effortlessly switch between pre-defined brush sizes, blending modes, and even quickly switch to Linea's eraser with a long press of the selected tool. So easy!Thanks to iCloud, your work is always in your pocket, ready to go. Start sketching an idea on iPhone and continue it later with Linea Sketch for iPad and an Apple Pencil. iCloud keeps your ideas in sync and provides a safe backup of your important projects.

The pencil tool is especially terrific and, for me, that's how I know I've got a great drawing app at my finger tips. Literally.

I use Linea for sketching but I know people who use it for notes, brainstorming, workflow mapping, and more. It's one of those apps that you just know is more than a job for its creators — it's a labor of love. And those are the very best apps to use and support.

Grab Linea Go from the App Store for just $4 damn dollars today.

Download Linea Go

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