If you’re still relying on traditional external hard drives to backup your sensitive data, you’re missing out. Cloud backup services have come a long way since their humble inception, and it’s now possible to get enough space to safeguard your critical files in the event of a digital catastrophe.

Degoo Premium is an award-winning service that offers unparalleled speed and security, and right now a lifetime 10TB backup plan is available for over 95% off at just $99.99.

Unlike most cloud backup services that impose obnoxious restrictions on everything from basic access to transfer speeds, Degoo Premium allows you to safely backup all of your data in easily-accessible and encrypted servers.

This plan lands you a whopping 10TB of backup along with high-speed transfers from a database that offers more backup space than Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive combined, and you’ll be able to send files easily to friends or family via email or a link.

You’ll even be able to replicate your backup as you perform it, giving you extra peace of mind as you go.

Ditch the expensive and unreliable hard drives and land a lifetime 10TB backup plan with Degoo Premium for just $99.99—over 95% off its usual price for a limited time.

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