Logic Pro X 10.4 and MainStage 3 updated for your pro audio pleasure

Logic Pro
Logic Pro (Image credit: iMore)

It's audio pro-app update day in the Apple world. On the Logic Pro 10.4 side, new stuff includes:

  • The Sound Library can be relocated to an external storage device.
  • Smart Tempo can analyze tempo data across multi-track recordings to define the Project Tempo.
  • Imported multi-track stems can follow or define Project Tempo.
  • Smart Tempo now analyzes the tempo of MIDI performances recorded without a metronome.
  • Alchemy provides drag and drop hot zones that let you select re-synthesis and sampling options while importing audio.
  • Alchemy allows numerical editing of parameter values.
  • Dragging one automation point over another now aligns them vertically.
  • New mixer mode allows channel strip fader and pan controls to be used to set send level and pan.
  • Automatic Slurs can be applied to selected notes in the Score Editor.
  • Add a photo to track or project notes to help remember key session details or studio hardware settings.
  • There is now a key command to open the Articulation Editor for the currently selected track, if there is an articulation set available for it.
  • The "Join Regions" and "Join Regions by Track" commands now convert loops to real copies and join the resulting MIDI regions.
  • The Threshold control in the Remove Silence from Audio Region window is now displayed in dB rather than percentage.
  • It is now possible to address a Send directly to an Output.

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Plus a literal ton more you can see in the official release notes.

For Mainstage 3.4:

  • ChromaVerb is a sophisticated new algorithmic reverb with a colorful interactive interface for creating rich acoustic spaces.
  • Step FX adds rhythmic multi-effect processing using 3 powerful step sequencers and an X/Y pad.
  • Phat FX makes your tracks bigger and bolder using 9 effects that add warmth and punch to your sounds.
  • The Vintage EQ Collection provides 3 accurate models of vintage analog EQs from the 1950s to the 1970s.
  • Space Designer has a new design and a scalable Retina interface.
  • Studio Strings and Studio Horns are deeply sampled realistic ensemble instruments with custom articulation controls.
  • Mellotron is now available as a standalone instrument plug-in.
  • Individual layers in layered patches can now be bypassed via a mapping, or a check box in the Layer >- Inspector.
  • The MIDI Input section of the Channel Strip inspector has been simplified and improved, now allowing for any type of incoming MIDI CC data to be filtered, transformed or passed through.
  • The Metronome is now fully configurable, with separate settings for Bar, Group, Beat, and Division. Each of which can be independently enabled or disabled.
  • It is now possible to abort the loading of a Concert by pressing Command-Period (.) while it is loading.
  • There is now an option to record 24-bit audio in the preferences.
  • There is now a switch in the Audio Preferences to enable/disable the Voice Limiter.
  • The Add Channel Strip window is redesigned, allowing multiple channel strips to be added in one go, >- with options for ascending inputs and outputs, and more.
  • There is now a global transposition offset in the Concert inspector.

And, again, the release notes have tons more.

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Apple been consistently shipping pro app updates for a while now and they keep getting better and better. That particular corner has been turned. And welll.

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