Best answer: Whether you get the Logitech Circle 2 in the wired or wireless version you're getting a great home security camera. The wireless version can be perfect for putting in hard to reach areas, whereas the wired version lets you set it up and forget it. Apple's HomeKit is only compatible with the wired version of the Logitech Circle 2, so if you're all-in on the Apple ecosystem, HomeKit compatibilty matters.

Consider your camera placement

With the wired version of the Logitech Circle 2 needing to be plugged in all the time, that means you'll need to make sure it's close enough to a power outlet. On top of that, you'll need to remember that that cord has to go somewhere, and the last thing you want is a cable dangling down from your Logitech Circle 2 on the ceiling.

The wireless version obviously gives you more flexibility on where to put the camera but will need to be charged on occasion. The wireless Logitech Circle 2 battery-life is quoted at three months, so while you won't need to charge it often, you will need to access it to charge several times a year. Not to mention that when you're charging the battery, you have no camera recording.

How many cameras do you want?

Getting a single camera or getting multiple cameras may affect your decision as well. If you want a single camera that you want to remain stationary, the wired Logitech Circle 2 will do you just fine as long as you have a place to plug it in. Of course, if you're looking to get multiple cameras for around your home, the wireless version will offer you more flexibility on placement and save your power outlets for other uses.

Remember, you can always mix and match the two types of cameras as well. Say you want a camera in your living room, just sitting on your mantle, but one outside the patio door, and another watching the front entrance. In this scenario, the camera in your living room could be a wired version, while the two others could be wireless.

Do you want to use Apple's HomeKit?

This will also definitely impact your purchasing decision. Apple's HomeKit is only compatible with the wired version of the Logitech Circle 2, so if you were hoping to stay within the Apple ecosystem, the wireless version won't help you.

Homekit compatible

Logitech Circle 2 wired

Set it up and forget it!

The Circle 2 features a 180-degree 1080p camera with up to 15 feet of night vision. It's also got a microphone and speaker, so you can listen to and talk with the device. Plus, the wired version works with Apple's HomeKit and you'll never have to charge the battery so it's always on and ready to go as soon as you set it up!

Goes anywhere

Logitech Circle 2 Wireless

No cables needed

The same great camera with 24-hour free cloud storage, daily time-lapse overviews, and all the other features the Logitech Circle 2 offers. While you can't use the wireless version with HomeKit, it is easier to place around your house because it doesn't have to be plugged in!

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