Lumos Helmet. Source:

Christina Bonnington, no stranger to cycling, writing for Slate:

Lumos is a connected bike helmet outfitted with controllable lights for added safety and signaling. Situated on the rear of the helmet, its array of 38 LEDs can light up to form a red triangle or white turn signal as additional visibility on top of traditional front and rear bike lights. The helmet was recently updated with two compelling new features centered around the Apple Watch. The first is the ability for the watch to discern your hand signals while riding, automatically illuminating the helmet's turn signals when you do so. The second is convenient for those looking to track their workouts and daily activities: Whenever the helmet is switched on, it will automatically start recording your activity through Apple Health.

Christina makes it sound extremely cool. It's also available from Amazon for $179 (and yes, you can get it via Prime...). That isn't cheap. But, the first leaps towards the future seldom are.

I'm tempted to pick one up. Let me know what you think.

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