macOS Monterey previewSource: Bryan M. Wolfe / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple has released a beta version of TestFlight for Mac.
  • Developers can download TestFlight 3.2 and test their own apps as well as those of other developers.

Apple has made a beta version of TestFlight for Mac available, giving developers the opportunity to test their own apps using the beta software distribution tool.

Available for macOS Monterey, the new TestFlight 3.2 beta is now available for download, but there are caveats. Mainly, developers can currently only test their own apps as well as apps created by other developers.

Use the beta version of TestFlight for Mac to test your Mac apps. You can invite registered Apple developers to download this beta version and use it to test your apps on macOS Monterey beta 5. We'd also appreciate your feedback on TestFlight for Mac, which you can provide through Feedback Assistant.

This is the latest step in a move that will make it easier for developers to share beta builds of their Mac apps with their testing pool, something that has been possible for iPhone and iPad app developers for years. The TestFlight expansion to Mac will also presumably mean distributing updates and release notes will be easier than ever, too.

This being a beta, there are points that developers should note. Not least, a couple of oddities including the fact VoiceOver is not fully functional yet. Anyone running older betas of macOS Monterey will also have to do some hoop-jumping, too.

When using this version of TestFlight on macOS Monterey beta 5 or earlier, you'll need to quit the beta version of your native Mac app before updating it, as the system will not prompt you to quit before updating. Also, please note that VoiceOver is not fully functional in this version of TestFlight.

All being well, macOS Monterey will be made available to the world within the next few weeks alongside iOS 15 and similar updates. The macOS Monterey release will be the best Mac update yet, adding new features including funky 3D maps and more.

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