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Arzopa external monitor
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While a great monitor can make or break your experience on a Mac, some of us have to travel and move around, making an expensive desktop option a no-go. For those of you who need the extra screen real estate but also portability, there are these portable external monitors, currently on sale in the Prime Early Access Sale. 

|$329now $189 at Amazon

Portable Monitor, Arzopa 15.6 | $329 now $189 at Amazon

Arzopa's fantastic portable HD monitor gives you 1080p detail in a tiny form factor that you can plug directly into your Mac. It has a 178-degree viewing angle and weighs just 1.44 lb. It works not only with Mac but also PC, Raspberry Pi, phones, Xbox and PlayStation. It's also plug-and-play so you don't need to mess around with drivers when you use it.  

|$189now $149 at Amazon

Portable Gaming Monitor, Arzopa 15.6 | $189 now $149 at Amazon

This gaming monitor comes with a 144GHz refresh rate and a 1080p resolution, and like its regular counterpart is plug-and-play compatible with a wide host of devices.  

The Arzopa portable monitor can be used in several different configurations, either to duplicate your screen, extend it, or as a second screen. It has built-in speakers and a 60Hz refresh rate as well as a resolution of 1920 x 1080p. There's also a larger 17.3-inch version and a smaller 13.3-inch version for ultimate portability. Each one comes with a magnetic smart cover and a bunch of cables for all the connectivity you need. The monitor can also be used in both landscape and portrait mode depending on your preference. They also support HDR across the range, and as mentioned can be used with a wide variety of devices including your Mac, but also PCs and laptops, some phones, and even Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as the Nintendo Switch. 

The Amazon Prime Early Access sale will run for two days and is a great opportunity to pick up new tech you might need. You can follow all our coverage of the best Apple deals over at our Prime Early Access Live Blog. 

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