iMac Pro (2022) rumors: Everything you need to know

iMac 2021 with microphone
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The colorful M1 iMac launched last year and completely redesigned the iMac into Apple's new lineup of computers using the company's own chips. Naturally, the 24-inch iMac was an obvious replacement for the old 21.5-inch iMac, and many people thought a better iMac Pro would be coming too. Unfortunately, there's been very little happening in the rumor mill for the iMac Pro (2022) as of late. However, there are still a few rumblings you should know about if you're excited about a potential
iMac Pro. 

iMac Pro (2022): Design

There haven't been any solid rumors as of late indicating what a new iMac Pro would look like; the last solid report we had was from Mark Gurman back in January. He said that a new iMac Pro would look bigger and have better chips.

I know, not exactly a big leap to expect the new iMac to be both bigger and better than its predecessors. Gurman's rumor did mention that a new iMac Pro would steal a lot of design cues from the iMac (2021). There wasn't much of an elaboration on that thought, but it could mean a super thin design and the presence of some significant bezels. 

iMac Pro (2022): Colors

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After the colorful explosion of the iMac (2021), could we see an iMac Pro with more color? Well, our only real report is from DigiTimes back in December 2021, which stated that new colors would be available on an upcoming 27-inch iMac. The report never went into detail on what those colors may be — the same as the iMac (2021) or something different — so we are left to speculate.

It's important to note that historically, anything with the "Pro" moniker released by Apple doesn't usually have a lot of color options. The standard Space Gray, silver, and maybe one other darker, more muted tone is what we've seen in the past. 

iMac Pro (2022): Chip

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It's unclear exactly what chip a potential iMac Pro (2022) would have. Back when the rumor mill started for the device, the iMac Pro was set to have either the M1 Pro or M1 Max. Of course, now that the M2 chip exists, that likely wouldn't be the case.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman has theorized that the iMac Pro would feature an M3 chip, believe it or not, but that would likely indicate it is a far way off. 

iMac Pro (2022): When can we expect it?

Honestly, at this point, there's nothing concrete pointing toward any sort of date when the next iMac Pro may be released. We know that Apple's Far Out event will likely only feature the iPhone 14 and Apple Watch Series 8, and that's scheduled for September 7, 2022. It's very unlikely we will hear anything about a new iMac Pro then.

We also have been hearing that Apple will hold an event in mid-October focusing on iPad, but there are a few rumblings some Macs could be announced too. Apple famously mentioned earlier this year that the Mac Pro (not iMac) was the only machine in their lineup that had yet to jump to Apple Silicon. They even went so far as to hint that it would eventually be coming. Of course, that also could suggest that perhaps an iMac Pro isn't even in the works at all. 

It really is a waiting game

I wish I had better news for people excited about the potential of a new iMac Pro. I myself am a huge fan of the all-in-one design of the iMac. Unfortunately, though, we are in a holding pattern when it comes to the next iMac Pro, with no huge indication that anything is being worked on immediately. It could be a long while before we actually see it come to fruition.

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