Mac event likely to happen at the end of October as supplies dwindle

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There has been much ado about new iPads launching in October with an iPad event, but it seems like that isn't going to happen. What is likely to happen, however, according to a new report, is a Mac event at the end of October, which will likely bring in a new iMac and MacBook Pro models.

The information comes from Mark Gurman in his latest Power On newsletter. Gurman says that iMacs and MacBook Pros are in very tight supply online and at retail stores and that we may see new models launch soon. Apple is apparently gearing up for a Mac event at the end of this month.

M3 refresh at the October Mac event?

Gurman notes that iMac and MacBook Pro models are in short supply ahead of a launch event planned at the end of October. This event is likely to refresh the iMac, which hasn't seen an upgrade since its Apple Silicon revival back in 2021. MacBook Pro models will also likely get a refresh at the same event.

Gurman says the iMac refresh has taken this long because of plans for a pro-focused iMac, which fell through.

Gurman wrote, "This was never the plan. Apple had aimed to release a larger, pro-focused iMac soon after the 24-inch iMac launched. Under the original road map, you would have seen the M1 24-inch iMac, then an M2-based iMac Pro and, finally, a 24-inch iMac refresh.

I’m told that the company tabled the iMac Pro plan a while ago due to cost concerns. So Apple has had to adjust."

The MacBook Pro is also seeing a shipping delay currently, with some configurations showing delivery dates that go into mid-November. Gurman says that's a clear sign for a potential refresh.

It's possible both the iMac and MacBook Pro models (13-, 14-, and 16-inch) will all get M3 family chips. Gurman says Apple has made progress on the 14- and 16-inch models with M3 chips, unlike the MacBook Air models which are due for 2024. 

Gurman expects the Mac event to occur on October 30 or 31, so if you're planning on getting the best Mac, you might want to wait for this announcement.

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