MacBook Air M2 returns to its lowest price at less than $900 in this surprise Apple deal

MacBook Air M2 deal of the day
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While the MacBook Air M3 might be the latest release, it'll surprise you to hear that it might not be my top pick. I'm using the MacBook Air M2, which I absolutely adore, and it packs more than enough power for nearly everyone. The launch of the M3 model meant this one got discounted, making it one of the best MacBooks to buy. And now, it's an even better deal thanks to some unexpected savings.

In a surprise deal, Apple's MacBook Air M2 has dropped below $900 again at B&H Photo, back to its lowest price. It's back down to $829, which is $170 off the regular price of $999 on this MacBook. We're not sure how long this deal will last, so you’d best get a move on if you want this incredible price on this machine.

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MacBook Air M2 | $999$829 at B&H Photo

MacBook Air M2 | $999 $829 at B&H Photo

It might not be the newest MacBook on the block anymore, but it packs in plenty of power where it counts. This deal isn’t going to last long, with 69% of the Silver color claimed at this price, and 89% of the Space Gray color already gone.

The M2 chip is still plenty powerful, as Apple puts it in new devices even today (look no further than the M2-equipped iPad Air 6, only recently announced at Apple's latest event). While the M3 edition is beefier on the power front, I can safely say that you're unlikely to be left wanting more. The super slim aluminum chassis is the same as the newest model, coming in the same colors and everything. The 13-inch screen brings color and sharpness aplenty, and the keyboard is one of the best portable typers around.

It's the lowest price that the M2 MacBook Air has ever seen (just like this $170 saving earlier this month), and it's currently the cheapest way you can get hold of an Apple laptop. If you're in the market for a new slim laptop, this deal is definitely worth your attention. And if you're coming from an older MacBook Air, this M2 device is definitely worth the upgrade.

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