MacBook Pro 2022 down to lowest price ever

MacBook Pro 2022 deal of the day
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When it came out last year, the MacBook Pro 2022 introduced us to the M2 chip – a chip that now powers all of the newest Mac models. It gave us an idea of what kind of performance we could expect from this year's Macs and did so in an aging but still very attractive aluminum chassis. Now, a few months later, you can get one at its lowest price ever from Amazon, where you'll save $200.

This doesn't beat the last price, but it does match it. We're unlikely to see a price lower, and how long this price will last is anyone's best guess – so if you've been in the market for some time, then now could be the time to drop the hammer.

An April price for the ages

MacBook Pro M2 |$1299$1099 at Amazon

MacBook Pro M2 | $1299 $1099 at Amazon

This deal has seen is through April, but it remains a great price for a very solid laptop. We're still yet to see a lower price as well, and it's unlikely that one is going to come along any time soon.

While it may not be the best Mac in our eyes, it is still an excellent laptop. With its active cooling solution (aka a fan), it'll boast slightly more performance than the fanless MacBook Air M2, and it retains the touch bar for those that were into it. The version you can grab for Amazon for this price comes loaded with 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

If you opt for a larger SSD, then you'll still save money, but around $150 instead of the $200 saving on the lower specced model. Personally, we'd take the hit and go for something with a larger SSD, and pay a bit more for the privilege. Make sure you grab one of the best MacBook Pro cases as well so that you can keep your new machine protected.

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