macOS 15 set to get a revamped and smarter Calculator app that looks like the one on iOS

macOS 15 Calculator app rendering
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It looks like Apple is going to update the Calculator app for all the best Macs. A new report from AppleInsider suggests that the macOS 15 Calculator is going to get a redesign to look more like the version from iOS 17, and also revamped with smarter abilities.

Code-named "GreyParrot," this isn't just a superficial nip and tuck. Apple's Calculator app in macOS is slated to become more advanced than ever. For starters, you'll be able to scribble down your maths whims directly into the new Math Notes feature, merging the best of the Calculator and Notes apps. And for anyone who’s ever lost the plot in a sea of numbers, the new history tape will be a game-changer. The app is likely to include a new sidebar showing all your past number-crunching antics, accessible with a simple click.

Unit conversion is also getting a much-needed revamp. Gone are the days of separate steps for mundane conversions. With the updated app, conversions and calculations coexist in harmony. And let’s not forget the currency conversions, relying on real-time internet data for those on-the-go financial decisions.

Design-wise, the app is shedding its square edges for a rounder, more iOS-like aesthetic, which is long overdue. And if you've ever been frustrated by the static window size, fret no more. The new adjustable window sizes and shape-shifting buttons mean your calculator can now be as big or as small as your heart (or screen) desires.

Part of a wider macOS overhaul

Of course, this new Calculator app is not confirmed by Apple. And, by the sounds of things, it's still in the testing phase. Not everything makes it through Apple's pearly gates. But should these features survive the cut, they're set to debut at WWDC 2024 on June 10. But this new app is set to be part of a wider macOS overhaul.

We don't know much about the upcoming macOS 15 just yet, but we do know it's in the pipeline and Apple's ready to unleash its AI capabilities not only for macOS but also for iOS 18. Things are also going to look different. Unfortunately, it isn't clear what might be changing, although leaker Mark Gurman points to "major new features and designs." We're expecting something the blends the look of iOS and visionOS – as that's set to be the direction for the next iPhone software.

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