Your Mac's next second screen monitor could be... an OLED in your desk?

Lumina Desk
(Image credit: Lumina)

We haven't yet seen a Mac that uses OLED technology. The next best thing could be an OLED second screen built into your desk. That's the premise behind the all-new Lumina Desk, which is being announced today, August 10. 

Lumina, which created the first studio-quality 4K webcam powered by Artificial Intelligence, calls its new product "the ultimate workspace for productivity that is also programmable." Compatible with both macOS 13 Ventura and Windows, the Lumina Desk features an in-desk 24-inch OLED ambient anti-scratch display. It includes a 60Hz refresh rate, 1200 nits max brightness, and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating.

The product ships with six USB-C sockets, two wireless surface charging ports that deliver 200 watts of power, and six power outlets are hidden inside 826 cubic inches of storage space to hide cables. The desk measures 29.5-by-59-by-30-47 inches. 

Lumina Desk

(Image credit: Lumina)

A healthy new spin

The new Lumina Desk will allow users to customize the display to match their preferred working style through the new Lumina OS. Integrated apps at launch will include Google Calendar, Instagram, Zoom, Slack, Robinhood, Twitter, and others. Lumina also offers a developer SDK so that other apps can get added over time. Lumina Desk is not a touch screen as it's built into the top of the desk. Instead, a desktop app (presumably on one of the best Macs) controls the OLED display.

Interestingly, the Lumina Desk can also help users stay healthy. For example, it can remind users when to take a break. Lumina is also building a proprietary in-office health coach to track a user's ergonomic health to improve posture.

The Lumina Desk is expected to launch in the second half of 2023 in the mid-$1,000 USB price range. The company is taking non-paid reservations through its website for those interested in reserving a Lumina Desk. 

We'll continue to follow development on the Lumina Desk and let you know when we hear additional news about the project. 

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