High Sierra

Apple gave macOS 10.13 the "half-step" name of High Sierra with the tagline, Your Mac. Elevated. Basically, what that means is Apple didn't make a lot of big changes, but the changes it made are pretty impressive. There are some great new features in Photos, Notes, and Safari. Plus, Apple has added support for virtual reality and improved file compression for audio, video, and standard documents on your Mac with HEVC, HEIF, and APFS.

Here's a list of all the major changes in macOS High Sierra you can read about while you're downloading the update on your Mac.

What's the latest news with macOS High Sierra?

March 29, 2018: Apple rolls out macOS 10.13.4 with eGPU support!

Apple just rolled out a point update (big, but hot huge) that adds a few new features, most notably, support for eGPU processors. 10.13.4 also includes support for Business Chat in Messages, something also new in iOS 11.3. There are a few behind-the-scenes updates, too, like bookmark sorting in Safari and Apple's privacy policy clarification when one of its apps or features asks to use your data. Here's the rundown of what's new in macOS 10.13.4.

The macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 Update improves the stability, performance, and security of your Mac, and is recommended for all users.

This update:

  • Adds support for Business Chat conversations in Messages in the U.S.
  • Adds support for external graphics processors (eGPUs).
  • Fixes graphics corruption issues affecting certain apps on iMac Pro.
  • Allows jumping to the rightmost open tab using Command-9 in Safari.
  • Enables sorting of Safari bookmarks by name or URL by Control-clicking and choosing Sort By.
  • Fixes an issue that may prevent web link previews from appearing in Messages.
  • Helps protect privacy by only AutoFilling usernames and passwords after selecting them in a web form field in Safari.
  • Displays warnings in the Safari Smart Search field when interacting with password or credit card forms on unencrypted webpages.
  • Displays privacy icons and links to explain how your data will be used and protected when Apple features ask to use your personal information.

What's new with VR on Mac in High Sierra

VR on Mac

With the update to High Sierra, Apple added software support for virtual reality on those Mac computers with hardware capabilities. Unity, Unreal Engine, and SteamVR will support Mac systems over the next few months. If you've got yourself a VR headset, like HTC Vive, you're about to get your VR game on!

Everything you need to know about VR on Mac

What's new in Photos in High Sierra

Photos for Mac

Some of the most noticable changes in High Sierra come in the Photos app on Mac. Just like in iOS 11, you can edit and create new mini GIF style clips with your Live Photos. Add filters, adjust lighting, and trim length of your Live Photos, then give them some Bounce, Loop, or Long Exposure for extra fun. There are also some new advanced editing tools in the Photos app on Mac that provide additional tools for adjusting white balance, levels, curves, and more.

What's new in Photos on Mac in High Sierra

What's new with Notes in High Sierra

Notes on Mac

Notes gets incrementally better with each operating system update. In High Sierra, Notes gets a table creation tool so you can build out more productive rich notes. My favorite feature in Notes is the ability to pin important notes to the top of your list. This also exists in iOS 11, so you can sync your pinned notes across your devices.

What's new in the Notes app on Mac in High Sierra

What's new in Mail in High Sierra

Mail on Mac

Mail's updates may be minor, but they are no less important. In High Sierra, you'll get better results when searching for a specific email. Recommended results show up in a new section in your mailbox called "Top Hits."

You can now use a dual-window Split View of the Mail app. Similar to two-window Safari, you can open Mail in Split View on one side of your full-screen and compose an Email in a separate window on the other side.

What's new with the Mail app in High Sierra

What's new in Safari

Safari on Mac

Safari is more secure than ever before in High Sierra. With website tracking customizations, you'll be able to block websites from tracking you across sites you visit. Autoplay can also be disabled for specific sites, or across your entire web browsing experience. If you hate autoplay videos on CNN, but don't mind them on Facebook, you can disable them on one site, but not have to disable it for the other. Speaking of customization, you can customize each website you visit with specific options, like content blockers, autoplay, Reader View, and more.

What's new in Safari on Mac in High Sierra

HEVC and HEIF: Everything you need to know

Photos on Mac

Apple's under-the-hood updates are actually the most significant ones. There's been some huge improvements on shrinking your files, while still making them as robust as possible. With HEVC and HEIF, you'll get double the compression on your photos and videos at half the space. HEVC makes it possible for you to download and edit your 4K videos at 40 percent the size without losing quality. HEIF does something similar, and also provides the ability to store groups of images as single files. These changes will work together with JPEG files and H.264 files, so you'll barely notice the difference (except that you'll notice how much faster you can access and edit your larger files).

What you need to know about HEVC and HEIF on Mac in High Sierra

APFS: Everything you need to know

APFS on Mac

APFS, or Apple File System, is the document and data version of HEVC and HEIF. It is a faster way to access your documents, and a better way to store them. It reduces file and data bloat on your Mac so you can make room for all those 4K videos.

What you need to know about APFS on Mac in High Sierra

What's new with Siri

Siri on Mac

Siri's update doesn't do a whole lot more in terms of function, but it's a whole lot different than Sierra's virtual assistant. Starting with voice. Siri's been updated with a much more natural-sounding voice. It's so much more natural sounding that its ... unnatural. Siri also has some Music enhancements. It can start a playlist for you based on your activity, like working out or having a BBQ.

What's new with Siri on Mac in High Sierra

If you ran the beta on a Fusion Drive Mac

You may have heard some hubbub recently about APFS and Fusion Drive Macs. If you installed an early beta of High Sierra on a Mac with a Fusion Drive and converted your drive to APFS, you're going to have to convert back to HFS+. It's a bummer, but it's gotta be done (unless you can afford to set your Mac aside for a few months until a High Sierra update adds APFS support for Fusion Drives). We've got a basic guide for converting back to HFS+ with a link to Apple's support page.

How to revert your Fusion Drive back to HFS+ file system in macOS High Sierra

Apple apps that you won't be able to use when you upgrade

Apple made some deep changes to the Mac software, and as such, some older apps won't work with your Mac anymore. Check third-party developers for information regarding your favorite apps. Apple also sunsetted some of its older pro apps, like some apps for Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio. Be sure to check out the list before you update to High Sierra, just in case one of your must-have apps will no longer work with your Mac.

Apps that won't work with macOS High Sierra

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