Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro side viewSource: IMore

What you need to know

  • Twitter leaker L0vetodream has us wondering whether we might get a non-Pro Magic Keyboard.
  • The Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is just that – for the iPad Pro.
  • But that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to see it work with other iPads, too.

Apple could be getting ready to announce an iPad Magic Keyboard, similar to that already available for iPad Pro, according to Twitter user @L0vetodream.

The name L0vetodream has been popping up a lot lately with the anonymous Twitter account sharing details left and right. Most of those details have surrounded products that haven't been released yet so it's difficult to know whether they're accurate. They did share a claimed iPhone 12 logic board, though. And that – so far – looks legit. So when the same Twitter account suggests a new Magic Keyboard for use with non-Pro iPads could be coming, it's worth taking note.

This tweet takes the same form as others, with the leaker suggesting it's a dream. Either way, here it is.

Currently, the Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro is just that, a keyboard for the iPad Pro. Making one work with other iPads would require some work to get magnets and whatnot to line up. Still, Apple makes the iPads so it knows exactly what magnets it needs and where. It certainly isn't beyond the realms of possibility that this could happen.

But will it? Maybe – WWDC is just around the corner, after all!