Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock first look

There are a wide variety of Apple Watch stands and docks available these days, but that hasn't stopped Apple from releasing one of the company's very own. It's shaped like a saucer and can charge an Apple Watch either flat or in nightstand mode. But is it any good?

The magnetic charging dock is a round disk with a soft-touch material on top to keep your watch safe and a suede-style material on the bottom to protect your bedside table or desk. White both. At its center is a standard Apple Watch magnetic charger, also white, but trimmed in stainless steel.

Plug the included 2 meter (6-foot) Lightning cable into the dock and into either the USB port on your Mac or Windows PC, or into a USB adapter, sold separately, and you're ready to charge. All you have to do is lay your Apple Watch down flat on top of the charger or, flip it up and charge in nightstand mode.

The hinge is really well engineered and goes into place and stays there. The magnetic connection is strong so, while you can pull your Apple Watch off easily enough, it won't slide down or off on its own. And because the magnetic charging dock is flat, you won't knock it over by accident the way you might a standing dock.

Whether you like the design or the color will ultimately be a personal, subjective thing. The choice of a disk shape and white and stainless steel palette does meant that it's solid, stable, and fades away letting your Apple Watch be the star.

Charging Apple Watch

Charging Apple Watch (Image credit: iMore)

I'm going to be using the new Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock full time for the next week or so and then I'll update and let you know how it worked for me. If you're already sold on it, though, you can pick one up now for $79.

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